About the Library

Mission and Vision

The MCPHS Libraries comprise one main and two branch libraries. The libraries support the educational needs of all members of the University community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We partner, train, educate, guide, mentor, and innovate to best meet our community needs. We seek to align our mission, vision, and values with those of the University while also articulating a clear vision of the Library's future.

Through our services, instruction, resources, spaces, and collaborations we advance the integration of evidence into the teaching, learning, practice, scholarship, and research at MCPHS.
The Library is a center for intellectual inquiry and discovery for the MCPHS community. Librarians are accomplished information professionals who enhance scholarship and research at this institution. Information literacy is firmly integrated into the curriculum of all programs, with librarians known for innovative teaching. We foster an environment where library services, research assistance, collections, and spaces enrich the experiences and successes of all faculty and students.


  • We engage and work well together to achieve desired outcomes.
  • We understand, recognize, and support our colleagues’ work.
  • We embrace endeavors to expand and deliver interprofessional education.
  • We share our ideas and information to improve teaching and learning.

Research & Learning

  • We believe that learning happens for everyone throughout their lives and is not restricted to a class, course, or degree.
  • We embrace evidence-informed learning, teaching, and practice in our work and throughout the institution.
  • We play a critical role in integrating information literacy skills and mindsets throughout the MCPHS community.
    Access (to Information)
  • We believe that the Library should be mindful of the importance of our collections, services and systems to student success and, thereby, our influence on the development of informed healthcare professionals.
  • We provide information resources to our users regardless of location or preferred technology.
  • We make every effort to minimize the barriers to accessing information, whether through technology or instruction, and are constantly striving to improve our systems for search and retrieval of information.


  • We strive to provide an excellent service in meeting the library and information needs of our community.
  • We value and respect our users, regardless of their level of expertise, position, departmental affiliation, or campus location. All users are served with respect and courtesy.
  • We evolve in response to the emerging information environment and needs of our users and the University as a whole.
  • We believe in engaging in direct, individualized support for all students, regardless of location or program.