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What We Teach

While the core of the Information Literacy program is the three required online courses, we also teach required workshops and guest lectures in academic programs across the institution. For courses with multiple sections, we try to coordinate with the Course Lead Faculty so that all students received equitable instruction (for example: the information literacy workshop in LIB 111: Expository Writing).

We also work with faculty to develop customized presentations, activities, lessons, assignments, modules, and workshops for their courses. While Information Literacy is often paired with assignments like finding articles, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, or research papers; it can also focus on evaluating and critically reading sources, citation managers, and much more.

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To request a librarian come to your class, general inquires about the Information Literacy Program, or the required courses, please contact the Head of Information Literacy: Erica Cataldi-Roberts

If you’d like to work directly with the Liaison Librarian to your program, contact your liaison.

Request a session via our online form.

Examples of Ongoing Collaborative Teaching

LIB 111: Expository Writing I: Librarians visit every section of this introductory writing course to provide basic instruction in creating a search strategy and using it to find a sample article on that topic. Students learn to critically evaluate their sample article to decide if it is actually useful for their purposes.

PPB 485: Drug Literature Evaluation and PPW 379: Drug Literature Evaluation and Informatics I: Librarians on the Boston and Worcester – Manchester campuses teach several sessions for the Drug Literature Evaluation course on their respective campuses. Students learn what types of studies may be most appropriate for answering specific drug information questions, how to quickly locate relevant drug information in medical databases and online sources, how to evaluate the information they have found, and how to apply that information to answer clinical questions.

The School of Physical Therapy program at MCPHS University has a series of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) courses in which library instruction is scaffolded into the content allowing students to build their searching skills throughout their education. A librarian is embedded within the course and provides foundational instruction during their first semester through lecturing, writing exam questions, and grading citation and searching assignments. The librarian follows the students through the next three years providing additional instruction as needed and grading additional EBP assignments. Students graduate with the necessary skills to effectively apply EBP as physical therapists.

Librarian faculty members also teach credit-bearing information literacy focused courses within academic programs, including chemistry and health sciences.