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Health Humanities

An undergraduate major in health humanities helps prepare the next generation of healthcare leaders. There is a growing recognition of the value of interdisciplinary humanities study as preparation for advanced graduate work and professional healthcare practice. With a focus on the study of creativity, cultural expression, and key concepts organizing human experience, our Bachelor of Arts degree in health humanities fosters, imagination, empathy, and critical thinking. Students will gain self-awareness and critical perspective on the discourses of illness and wellness.

This degree program combines the study of health with the study of humanities. Included in the curriculum are literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, and sociology. Our baccalaureate degree program in health humanities will provide students with a rigorous program that will prepare them for further study and careers in a variety of healthcare fields.

Why choose health humanities at MCPHS?

Unique offering

MCPHS offers the first and only stand-alone health humanities Bachelor of Arts degree in all of New England.

Preparation for a variety of careers

An emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills prepares students for a range of options after graduation, from work in health research, education, communication, policy, public health, business, and more.

Foundation for medical school and other graduate education

Not only is our health humanities major designed to accommodate the necessary classes for students to pursue MDs, but it also provides an exceptional background for graduate education in law, public health, history, philosophy, journalism, policy, political advocacy, social work, sociology, anthropology, and more.

Graduate to a promising career.

Rather than train students for a specific profession, the health humanities major positions students to stand out in a wide variety of healthcare career paths. And because healthcare is one of the nation’s fastest-growing sectors, graduates will be highly in demand for a large number of roles.

Collaborative Practice: The MCPHS Method

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Lab

At MCPHS, we're focused on meeting the demands of today’s integrative healthcare field by training the next generation of healthcare professionals in collaborative practice.

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