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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pioneer the next generation of medicines.

The advancement of the healthcare industry depends on pioneering research. And you are the one who discovers its breakthroughs. From the laboratory, you play an instrumental role in discovering and developing innovative medications that save thousands of lives and improve countless others.

Become a highly skilled pharmaceutical scientist.

Working with highly trained faculty in laboratories equipped with the latest technological advancements, you’ll gain a hands-on education discovering and learning how different compounds interact with disease-causing cells, organisms and the human body. You’ll graduate with firsthand experience of what it takes to treat or prevent a wide range of health problems, and you’ll be ready to ultimately contribute to the health and wellbeing of a diverse public.

Questions about our pharmaceutical sciences programs? Connect with our Admission Office. Boston: 617.879.5964, Worcester: 508.373.5607, Online: 508.373.5657.

Modern Facilities

Students learn and conduct independent thesis and dissertation experiments in newly renovated laboratories with technologically advanced equipment.

Advanced Product Library

Students have access to leading-edge information with one of the largest medical product libraries in the country developed by dedicated personnel.

Highly Trained Faculty

MCPHS professors are industry experts with experience in drugs, devices and biologics, healthcare and policy.

Small Class Sizes

Learn from experienced, dedicated faculty in small face-to-face settings, where you and your career matter.

Global Healthcare Center

Boston’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area is a global center for healthcare delivery, research and education, giving our students access to world-class hospitals and research facilities.

Biotech Hub

Massachusetts’ reputation as the largest biotech cluster in the world allows students to learn in an environment with the fastest growing biopharmaceutical job market in the U.S.

Internship Opportunities

Higher degree programs include a required research internship, proving valuable experience pertinent to the pharmaceutical industry.

Advantageous Connections

Connections to industry leaders and alumni provide unique networking and mentoring opportunities.


With innovative and immersive training, our graduates are extremely well prepared to advance their careers in pharmaceutical sciences. Employment opportunities include working as a researcher or scientist in drug analysis, drug manufacturing or medicine marketing at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as a professor at universities. Employers include agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), and at national laboratories such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Graduate degree programs in pharmaceutical science can prepare you for higher-profile research positions with universities or research facilities.


According to the 2018 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Salary Survey, the mean annual base salary among its United States-based members was $158,700 in 2016, with the highest 25% earning $192,800 or more. In addition to base salary, United States-based respondents reported supplemental income, including bonuses, grants, and summer teaching, and other professional work, such as consulting and contracting, adding a mean of $26,600 to salary.


Meet Jessica

Jessica Pharmaceutical Sciences

A Pharmaceutical Sciences major, she appreciates that MCPHS is walking distance to some of the best hospitals in the world.

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