Professional Education Student Testimonials

"As this was an online program, I was impressed with the level of engagement between professors and classmates. Using the blackboard was very useful to having open discussions which were very fruitful and comprehensive.”
—Lara, 2019 graduate, corporate client

"I believe I am better at certain aspects of my work now because I have been able to develop certain peripheral knowledge to facilitate my own role in the organization.”
—Anupam, 2019 graduate, corporate client

"I was able to apply the learnings almost on a weekly basis and could use the things that I learned right away in my daily work. But it also gave me a broader perspective on public health and the overall complexities of drug development.”
—Matthias, 2019 graduate, corporate client

"The master program in RAHP started to impress me from the first moment – from easily accessible and friendly professors and other college staff to well advance predefined deadlines and the way of conveying the knowledge.The flexible course schedule and predefined deadlines allowed me not to jeopardize my obligations at work and still have time for my family and friends. I especially appreciate that instructors gave the alternative to attending live webinars and take exams when convenient to us because I live in a different time zone and would have been very sleep deprived otherwise.”
—Jasminka, 2019 graduate, corporate client

"The flexibility the course allows, especially based on part-time studies, is a critical factor for creating the learning environment required. The lecturers are always readily available and the course material is really well put together.”
—Dylan, 2018 graduate, corporate client