Professional Education Corporate Partner Testimonial

Corporate Partner

Why did you choose MCPHS?

People development has been a core challenge for us. We had identified a clear need for developing the team in regulatory affairs and hence were looking for a suitable course. We were evaluating multiple courses offered by various institutes in India and abroad. The MCPHS course we chose was found to be most suitable for the needs of the organization. Their flexible approach to accommodating students from different time zones and flexibility with the fees structure that took the economies of various countries into consideration made the course and MCPHS the right fit for us.

What value does this partnership provide to your organization?

The ability of MCPHS to ensure that the students who are working full time are still able to take the course led to a great partnership between MCPHS and us as an organization. What started as a pilot program has evolved and scaled to the global level, which means any RA associate from any part of the world can take this course with due approvals from the management. The students have benefited a lot from the course and have expressed that the course has helped them achieve better results in their professional life.

For the cohorts that have earned this degree, what new benefits have they been able to provide to the organization?

The students have expressed that they are now in a better position to understand and deliver their responsibilities. In addition, we have seen multiple associates move from more operational roles to more strategic roles due to the completion of the degree and their understanding of overall regulatory affairs work. We have multiple examples of associates taking on more responsible roles, which might not have been possible had they not completed the degree. The course has really helped them in personal development in their career. We have also seen multiple associates from non-regulatory backgrounds take this course and they too have expressed that they are now able to deliver better in their own roles due to a better understanding of the regulatory environment around the world. We have seen tremendous interest from non-regulatory teams like IT, clinical, safety, etc. for the course as they truly believe that this course helps them deliver on their responsibilities better.