The Eye and Vision Center at MCPHS University is a multi-specialty optometry service providing patient-centered eye care to the central and western Massachusetts community. Our services range from comprehensive eye examinations to the treatment and management of eye diseases such as glaucoma.

The Eye and Vision Center offers the following services:

A thorough assessment of your vision and eye health performed by our optometry student interns and experienced faculty doctors includes more than just vision tests for eyeglasses. Your eye examination will include an evaluation of how well your eyes are working together as a team and a detailed assessment of your eye health including tests for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases. A comprehensive examination includes dilation of your pupils to better examine your eyes for any evidence of retinal disease. It is very important to have periodic dilated eye examinations especially if you have systemic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. These diseases can cause bleeding in the retina which can lead to a permanent loss of vision. People with diabetes must have dilated retinal examinations every year to detect bleeding before permanent potentially blinding damage occurs. Our optometry student interns and attending doctors can provide this care, communicating their findings to your primary care doctor and endocrinologist.
With an increase in the number of children and young adults that have myopia or nearsightedness, it is important to monitor and evaluate progression as this can lead to complicated retinal diseases. Evaluation, treatment and management of myopia through orthokeratology, multifocal contact lenses and low dose atropine eye drops are available to help control the progression. Learn more about myopia control.
A gentle assessment of infants, toddlers, and school-age children vision and eye health. Eye exams for children, while similar to those for adults, use different tests to help detect subtle vision problems that might impact learning. The vast majority of what children learn, they learn by seeing. Poor vision or uncoordinated use of the eyes may interfere educational tasks like learning to read. Even if a child has passed a “vision test” in school or at the pediatrician’s office, a complete optometric eye examination is advised. The American Optometric Association recommends children receive their first comprehensive eye examination by age 6 months, with periodic vision examinations thereafter based on findings and other risk factors such as their parents’ vision history. Children do not need to know their letters to have an exam at The Eye and Vision Center. We have techniques to test children of all ages, from infants through school-aged. We also have the ability to provide care for children with special needs.
Therapy for eye teaming difficulties, amblyopia and strabismus, and eye focusing problems. Vision therapy is a program of visual activities prescribed to improve a patient’s ability to use their eyes accurately and efficiently. Patients who do not use their eyes efficiently as a team may have problems with reading and comprehension, perform below expectations in school or have difficulty with activities that require accurate eye tracking and movement. While the typical vision therapy patients are school-aged children, adults who have suffered an acquired brain injury from a concussion or stroke may develop secondary vision problems and benefit from therapy.
Evaluation and prescription of all types of contact lenses including lenses for astigmatism, bifocal/multifocal lenses, myopia control, as well as gas permeable corneal and scleral contact lenses for medically indicated treatment of corneal diseases such as keratoconus and post-LASIK vision problems. Learn more about contact lenses.
State-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of eye and vision problems secondary to dry eye. Artificial tear drops are not the only way to keep your eyes comfortable and your vision stable. Learn more about dry eye and what can be done to help.
Evaluation, treatment and management of eye infections, ocular allergy symptoms, and other corneal and eye lid disorders.
Co-management of surgical procedures and post-operative follow-up care in coordination with some of the best eye surgeons in the Commonwealth.
Diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye often associated with high eye pressure that can cause a gradual, painless loss of side vision that if left untreated, can cause blindness. The cause for glaucoma is not known, but certain ethnic groups such as Hispanics and African Americans are at greater risk of developing the disease. If during a comprehensive eye examination, risk factors for glaucoma are seen, our specialty glaucoma clinic can perform an extensive battery of tests to confirm a diagnosis and initiate treatment to prevent vision loss.
Care for adults and children with vision loss from conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, stroke and inherited eye diseases. In cases where regular glasses and contact lenses cannot improve vision to a point where patients can do what they need to do on a day-to-day basis, our Low Vision specialists can prescribe various optical devices such as magnifiers and electronic systems that can maximize the vision a patient has to improve their quality of life and ability to function. The low vision devices available at The Eye and Vision Center go far beyond the types of magnifiers found in the drug store.
We believe all people with a disability deserve a thorough and comprehensive eye exam to maximize vision and promote well-being. At The Eye and Vision Center, knowledgeable, highly skilled optometrists work together with dedicated student interns to provide the best care available. All appointments are 90 minutes. These longer appointments allow us to obtain a complete set of measurements at a comfortable pace for every individual. Our exam rooms are easily accessible for each person’s needs and we provide complete vision exams to patients who are non-verbal. We have no age limits, welcoming infants to the elderly. After your visit, you will be mailed a comprehensive exam letter explaining the exam findings, including lists of recommendations and accommodations to improve everyday visual function.

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