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Health Sciences

A career in the health sciences is a career in the future of healthcare. As a health educator you can expand the evidence base in health professions education and link education, research and practice in transforming systems of healthcare. As a healthcare manager, you can assess the risks and challenges facing the modern health sciences industry. And as an undecided undergraduate student, you can build strong academic skills while gaining more detailed understanding of available programs and career prospects — all by choosing the field of health sciences.

Working closely with world-class educators, you’ll be able to explore your options in health sciences. You can choose a non-clinical career to take on behind-the-scenes or administrative career that enables successful functioning of the healthcare facility, or transfer to a clinical career pathway when you find the right fit. You can also advance your education in health sciences with a graduate degree to become a leader in the future of healthcare academics or administration.

Questions about our health sciences programs? Connect with our Admission Office. Boston: 617.879.5964, Worcester: 508.373.5607, Online: 508.373.5657.

Prestigious Affiliation

Partnerships with premier medical institutions enable students to gain exposure and experience in leading healthcare institutions.

Multiple Undergraduate Pathways

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences allows students to choose a non-clinical career pathway, transfer into a clinical career pathway, or prepare for a postgraduate career.

Advanced Degrees

The master’s degree in Academic Health Sciences Studies and the doctorate in Health Sciences prepares transformational, visionary leaders in the academic healthcare and healthcare industries.


With innovative training and immersive clinical opportunities, our graduates are extremely well prepared to enter and advance in the field of health sciences.

A bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences builds a strong foundation for a range of non-clinical careers in Healthcare Business, Health Education, or Health Information Systems. Graduates may choose to become electronic medical records and health information systems specialists; health educators and health promotion coordinators; hospital, ambulatory care, long term care, or public health business staff and managers; hospital unit coordinators and managers; human Resource/Recruiter professionals; medical billing and patient accounts representatives; medical receptionists and customer care representatives; or public relations, health communications, and healthcare marketing associates.

The master’s degree in Academic Health Sciences prepares health professionals to serve as health professions educators and leaders for schools and training programs related to medicine, public health, nursing and other health professions. Graduates may serve as faculty, department chairs, deans, curriculum coordinators and clinical training directors in academic institutions, or staff development coordinators, training directors and continuing education professionals in healthcare organizations.

With a doctorate, graduates will be equipped to advance their careers in academic health sciences and administration. Graduates may pursue educational opportunities such as teaching in higher education or assuming leadership in healthcare delivery organizations. Candidates will also be qualified for advanced managerial and administrative positions within private care facilities, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, clinical and research settings, and more.

The mission of the entry-level BSHS 4-year program is to provide a strong foundation of general education, health sciences, and core competence for a range of non-clinical and clinical health careers.

The mission of the BSHS online degree completion program is to build upon the academic preparation and professional experience of credentialed allied health professionals with associate degrees for a range of career opportunities in health care management or health professions education.


Q&A with Professor Robin Harvan

Robin Harvan, Director of Health Sciences programs at MCPHS.

The Director of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program helps students define their career path at MCPHS.

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Nardine Health Sciences student

A Health Sciences major, she’s thrilled to be doing an internship at Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the U.S.

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