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Pharmacology and Toxicology

Develop the drugs that impact tomorrow.

Drugs, natural medicinal products and chemicals are part of our everyday lives. And you are the one who unlocks the mysteries of how they act and interact in positive and negative ways in biological systems. You ultimately touch all our lives by discovering new therapies and developing new medicinal products.

Become a highly skilled pharmacologist.

Working with highly trained faculty in laboratories equipped with the latest technological advancements, you’ll gain a hands-on education studying drugs and drug safety. You’ll graduate with firsthand experience of what it takes to research the pharmacological actions of synthetic and naturally occurring drugs, leading to improved drug design. And you’ll be ready to contribute to the knowledge, wellbeing, and survival of mankind.

Questions about our pharmacology and toxicology programs? Connect with our Admission Office. Boston: 617.879.5964, Worcester: 508.373.5607.

Modern Facilities

Students learn and conduct experiments in newly renovated laboratories designed for the study of drugs and drug safety.

Advanced Product Library

Students have access to leading-edge information with one of the largest medical product libraries in the country developed by dedicated personnel.

Highly Trained Faculty

MCPHS professors are industry experts with experience in drugs, devices and biologics, healthcare and policy.

Small Class Sizes

Learn from experienced, dedicated faculty in small face-to-face settings, where you and your career matter.

Expert Mentorship

Students receive close mentorship through low student-to-faculty ratio and supervised independent senior research projects.

Global Healthcare Center

Boston’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area is a global center for healthcare delivery, research and education, giving our students access to world-class hospitals and research facilities.

Biotech Hub

Massachusetts’ reputation as the largest biotech cluster in the world allows students to learn in a dynamic environment full of opportunities.

A field of growth

According to the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, the knowledge emerging from pharmacological studies will have an immeasurable impact on society over the next several decades. Building on the discoveries in the previous century, pharmacology still has much to study surrounding human genome sequencing, nanotechnology and new sources of medicines being discovered in our oceans and rain forests. And there are still many diseases that we do not know how to treat adequately, which pharmacology can help solve.


With innovative and immersive training, our graduates are extremely well prepared to advance their careers in toxicology and pharmacology. Employment opportunities include teaching and research careers in academic institutions, research or administrative positions in government institutions, such as the National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control, or private research foundations. Regardless of the setting, pharmacologists often collaborate with scientists from many backgrounds, which contributes to the thrill of making new discoveries that impact life and health.


Meet Steven

Steven Pharmaceutical Toxology student

As part of the Pharmacology and Toxicology program he likes the hands-on learning experience.

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