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Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Help patients manage their health, every day.

Medication is an integral part of healthcare, and as a pharmacist, you are an integral part of the healthcare team. You prepare and dispense life-saving medications. You evaluate each patient’s medication use, educating and guiding them on adherence and interactions. And you play an ever-expanding role in clinical care, from helping to manage chronic disease to offering smoking cessation services.

Become a highly skilled pharmacist.

MCPHS offers two distinct full-time paths to earning a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD): an accelerated program and a direct entry program.

Located in Boston, MA, the Direct Entry PharmD program includes a two-year preprofessional phase followed by a four-year professional phase. The four-year professional phase of the Direct Entry PharmD program runs through the fall and spring semesters, allowing students to spend their summers gaining additional hands-on or clinical experience. As a student living in Boston, you'll be surrounded by an urban cityscape filled with top-tier healthcare and scientific institutions, as well as endless dining, event, and entertainment options.

Offered on our Worcester and Manchester campuses, our year-round, three-year Accelerated PharmD program provides students the opportunity to start practicing ahead of their peers. Students matriculate into the program having already satisfied the requirements of the preprofessional phase through external coursework. They then begin their professional studies in either Worcester or Manchester, where they participate in digital distance learning, allowing them to seamlessly connect with one another and build a community that extends beyond state borders. The Worcester and Manchester campuses also share academic resources and faculty.

Though the Worcester and Manchester programs follow an identical curriculum, their distinct locations provide unique environments for students to live and learn. Situated in the heart of the second largest city in Massachusetts, the MCPHS–Worcester campus offers a vibrant, energetic culture and rich history. Incredible housing options dot the campus, allowing students to easily explore this bustling city. Further north, Manchester affords students unmatched access to New England's natural wonders, and the campus's smaller cohort size produces a strong sense of community in an intimate learning environment. Students experience the convenience of a small city without compromising on their ability to explore the outdoors.

Questions about our PharmD programs? Connect with our Admission Office. Boston: 617.879.5964, Worcester: 508.373.5607, Manchester: 603.314.1701


Alumni Spotlight: Carlos Randulfe, PharmD

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Carlos hopes to effect positive change as a health services administrator in the Army Reserves.


Career Pathways for Pharmacists

Female pharmacist working with dog and dog's owner in pharmacy.

Career opportunities in pharmacy extend far beyond the retail counter.