Transfer Credit Questions

CASE Boston

When you were admitted to MCPHS, the Admissions Office completed a thorough evaluation of your transfer credits and sent you the results. If you still have questions about your transfer credits, please schedule an appointment with your academic coach.

Petition to transfer credits

MCPHS students who wish to take a course outside of the COF must petition to take the course elsewhere. Most science, professional, and upper-level courses must be taken at MCPHS. To submit a petition, please follow these instructions:

  • Make an appointment with your academic coach to discuss the possibility of petitioning to take a course elsewhere.
  • Submit the Petition to Transfer Credits Form. You will need to submit a course description and syllabus in the form. The decision on whether you will be able to transfer in a course from an outside institution will be sent to you via email and can take up to two weeks to receive.
  • Once your petition is approved, you can register for the course at the approved institution (following that institution’s registration procedures). When you complete the course, you will need to submit an official transcript from that institution to the MCPHS Registrar’s Office no later than the add/drop deadline of the subsequent term.

If you have any questions about the process or how certain courses might affect your curriculum requirements, please check with your academic coach.