Workshops and Events

CASE Boston

The Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE) is committed to the success of our students at MCPHS. This workshop series is a collection of in person workshops and video presentations about various topics centered around MCPHS policies and resources, academic skills, strategies, and academic programs.

Students who receive a mid-semester warning will be tasked to attend an in-person workshop or explore a number of our online workshop options. Directions on how to access the in-person workshops and CASE Workshop Series on Blackboard can be seen below.

In-person Workshops

In person workshops are offered during Week 6-11 of the fall and spring semesters, and students can register for the workshop on the Cardinal Pride Portal. Please note that the instructions below are for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in. If you are having issues logging in, please have contact Campus Life at
  3. Go to the top right magnifying glass and search for BOS Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE).
  4. Once you are on the CASE page, on the top, click on events (you may need to use the drop-down where it says "more" to access the events)
  5. Look through the list of Workshops and register for the CASE Workshop of your choice.
  6. You will get a confirmation email and reminder about the CASE Workshop you registered for.

Online CASE Workshop Series Via Blackboard

These workshop videos are another valuable way to provide the tools and resources you want. This resource repository of videos is designed to address topics that students found useful or helpful while at MCPHS.

All students will have access to CASE Workshop Series by logging into blackboard and searching for the CASE workshop Series under your organizations. This gives students access to the collection of videos to visit or watch later if they so choose.

Feel free to explore the collection of playlists below.

CASE Resources & Policies
Learn about the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE) and the services provided by the team, such as a major change, minor declaration, and the University Learning Network (ULN). 

Self-Service Tutorials
Understand how to use Self-Service and ensure you are on track for graduation and successfully registering for courses. 

Learning Strategies
Are you looking to add some learning strategies to your academic skills? This is the place for you.

Time Management
Improve your time management skills by using effective skills and tools and proper stress management. 

Test-taking and note-taking
Proper test-taking and note-taking skills are key to being successful in the classroom. Learn how with these tips.

Academic Standing/Progression
Have you been placed on non-progression or probation? Understand where you stand with your program.

Intro to the Major
Welcome to MCPHS! We think these workshop videos are needed for every first-year and transfer student. Watch to improve your transition to the University and improve your academic skills.