CASE Boston

What is a faculty mentor?

Faculty mentors are part of your MAC team and are a great resource for you to utilize during your academic career at MCPHS. They teach an array of courses and labs in multiple disciplines, and can provide you with information regarding your future profession. Faculty mentors can also assist students with broad-based curriculum questions, career exploration, graduate and continuing education, an understanding of professionalism, and general advice regarding your field of study. The CASE offers faculty mentor hours on a weekly basis during the fall and spring semesters. You can set up an appointment by stopping by the CASE and signing up.

Each student at MCPHS is assigned a faculty Mentor and an Academic Coach (MAC team). You can find out who each member of your team is by looking at the top section of your program evaluation through Self-Service.

Students may schedule an appointment with their faculty mentor. They must register for an account using their MCPHS-issued school email address.

Who are the peer mentors?

Peer mentors are upper-level students dedicated to first year student success. Peer mentors support new students to acquaint them with the University and to assist with a smooth transition to MCPHS University. On the Boston campus, Peer Mentors attend Welcome Days, participate in their Introduction to the Major (ITM) course, and plan co-curricular activities for ITM through the fall semester. Students interested in becoming peer mentors should contact the CASE via email. Recruitment takes place during the spring semester.