Math & Physics Center

CASE Boston

The Math and Physics Center can provide guidance on the concepts covered in your courses to help you strengthen your math-based skills. Through appointment-based tutoring, our staff can assist you in gaining a better understanding of course material, applying the concepts taught during class, and preparing for exams.

Appointments are required. To schedule one, visit MyWCOnline and select the “Math & Physics Center” from the schedule options.

Peer Tutors

Math & Physics Center peer tutors are current MCPHS undergraduate/graduate students; we do not hire outside candidates. The minimum requirements for becoming a peer tutor within the Math & Physics Center are:

  • Must complete one full academic year at MCPHS
  • Must complete an application process
  • Must be a current MCPHS undergraduate/graduate level student
  • Faculty recommendation
  • Achieve and maintain a 3.0+ overall GPA
  • A/A+ in the course you wish to tutor
  • Required to check MCPHS e-mail daily
  • Attend peer tutor orientation

If you would like to apply for a Peer Tutor position with the Math & Physics Center, please email the ULN ( for more information prior to the beginning of the semester.

If you are a faculty member and would like to recommend a student as a peer tutor or you would like to request tutoring for your course, please contact the Director of Academic Support and Resources at before the semester begins.