Supplemental Instruction

CASE Boston

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an international tutoring model that is available for several of the foundational courses taught at MCPHS. SI Sessions are group-study sessions held twice a week and facilitated by a student tutor (SI Leader).

SI Leaders are current MCPHS students who have already successfully completed the course, they sit in the class alongside the students currently enrolled. SI Sessions are intended to provide students with the opportunity to actively apply and practice the material reviewed during lecture and develop effective study strategies based on course content.

The courses we currently support with supplemental instruction include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I &II (BIO 110 & 210)
  • Biology I & II (BIO 151 & 152)
  • Cellular Biochemistry (BIO 360)
  • Basic Chemistry I & II (CHE 110 & 210)
  • Chemical Principles I & II (CHE 131 & 132)
  • Organic Chemistry I & II (CHE 231 & CHE 232)
  • Medical Biochemistry (PSB 337 & 338)

Appointments are not required for SI and attendance is both voluntary and anonymous. If SI is available for your course, the session schedules are shared at the beginning of each semester by your SI leader and professor.

If you would like more information on supplemental instruction, please e-mail

Information on becoming a Supplemental Instruction leader

The SI Leader role is different from that of peer tutor. The minimum requirements are listed below:

  • Must complete two or more semesters as a peer tutor
  • Must complete an internal-application process
  • Must be able to attend all class meetings of assigned courses
  • Must be a current MCPHS undergraduate/graduate level student
  • Faculty recommendation
  • Achieve and maintain a 3.0+ overall GPA
  • A/A+ in the course you wish to tutor
  • Required to check MCPHS e-mail daily