Out-of-State Pharmacy Internship

If you will be working at a pharmacy in a different state, you must register as a pharmacy intern with that state’s Board of Pharmacy (exception: New Jersey, which does not register pharmacy interns).

  • Intern applications can be found on the state’s Board of Pharmacy. The NABP maintains a list of contact information for Boards of Pharmacy.
  • States have different eligibility requirements, so you may not be eligible for intern registration until you complete your first professional year (ex: New York).
  • Forward sections of the application that the school needs to complete to the Registrar’s Office. See “Registrar’s Office Submissions” below for more details.
  • Questions about your application and how to fill it out should be directed to the respective Board of Pharmacy, not the Registrar’s Office.. They will be processing your applications and are thus the most accurate source for information about application completion.

Registrar’s Office Submissions

Mail: MCPHS, Registrar’s Office, 179 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
Fax: 617-735-1050
Email: registrarsoffice@mcphs.edu

*You should only fax or email your request if the paperwork you are submitting does not include a photo or require your original signature.