Richard Duclos

Richard Duclos, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry


School of Arts and Sciences


School of Arts and Sciences


Richard Duclos is committed to advancing healthcare through the utilization of synthetic chemistry and biochemistry. His training and experience are in synthetic organic chemistry, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, protein biochemistry, and radiosynthesis. Richard’s research spans many areas including nitrogen heterocycles, furan antibacterials, fluorescent-labeled biomolecules, antineoplastic ether lipids, heart-disease-related lipid and protein research, endocannabinoid lipid and protein research, novel peptide-lipid conjugates for oral delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins, and recently antibody-drug conjugation. He has 41 research publications to his credit, most involving the syntheses of glycerolipids or sphingolipids. Richard has taught undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry, graduate biochemistry, and graduate radiochemistry. He continues to have an interest in lipid chemistry and biochemistry, and enjoys teaching laboratory courses to future scientists.

Featured Affiliations

American Chemical Society (1977-)


Alpha Chi Sigma (1979-)


International Cannabinoid Research Society (2008-13)



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