Message from the President

President Richard J. Lessard

Dear MCPHS Community,

We are currently reflecting on a proud and pivotal time in the history of our University. We are emerging from our Bicentennial year – a time that has allowed us to celebrate our rich history while confidently implementing our vision for the future of healthcare and life sciences education.

We have never been better positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead. In light of the tremendous challenges and conflict that surround us each day, we can draw comfort in the fact that we have built our Community on the guiding principles of collaboration, inclusion, respect, compassion, and kindness. This approach has truly served us well and it is one that allows us to build our path forward with clarity and inspiration.

As a proven leader in healthcare and life science education, we are accelerating our momentum on many fronts. We are launching new programs, receiving prestigious grants, conducting cutting-edge research, and forming partnerships with world-class organizations that are seeking us out at an unprecedented pace. For example, our expanding partnerships with MassBio and the Mass Life Sciences Center have solidified our position as a leader in life sciences education, and we have received millions of dollars in grants for workforce development.

We have an unwavering commitment to supporting our students in their pursuit of excellence and contributions to the future of healthcare and life sciences. There are many strategic initiatives underway for student support: new technologies have been deployed, task forces have been formed, and we’ve expanded existing support services to strengthen our highest priority around student success and experience.

The implementation of our Strategic Plan is also gaining tremendous energy and our Priority Teams are reaching important milestones that are already achieving significant outcomes. Our inaugural Inclusive Climate Assessment Survey, our Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Survey, our Environmental Sustainability Assessment, and our numerous Student Satisfaction Surveys have guided us to the highest impact initiatives that we will deploy to make our Community even stronger.

As we move beyond our Bicentennial year into what the next 200 years will bring, we are abundantly confident that 2024 will bring many new opportunities to advance our mission to empower our Community to build a healthier, more equitable world.

Richard J. Lessard, President