Core Values

STUDENT-CENTERED: Prioritize student needs in all decision-making. Develop a holistic approach to engage students as successful life-long learners.

RESPECT: Treat others as they would like to be treated. Seek out the best in and assume positive intent of others. Listen actively, welcome feedback, and deliver meaningful information with care and tact. Deal with conflicts quickly and directly.

DIVERSITY and INCLUSION: Promote equity in access to quality health care through teaching, discovery, and advocacy. Foster a culture of inclusion and cultural competence among students, faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders.

INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY: Seek truth. Be intellectually and interpersonally honest with others. Make ethical decisions.

INNOVATION: Embrace change and challenge the status quo. Find new and better ways to enhance education, both in and outside the classroom. Enhance work quality and address institutional needs. Continually improve skills and abilities. Through education and example, develop our students to be innovators.

PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Be mission-focused. Honor commitments. Work collaboratively as a team member. Be reflective and transparent in communications. Always provide your best effort. Speak up when professional or ethical standards are being violated.

LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTABILITY: Devote resources to address priorities. Communicate in a transparent manner. Ensure transparency in decision-making. Use data to inform decisions. Create a safe-to-say environment. Develop leadership at all levels. Maximize individual contributions.