Strategic Priorities

Following a thorough self-evaluation and a review process involving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners, MCPHS identified strategic priorities in line with the University's mission and goals.

These priorities will guide our institution in the coming years to foster a Community that supports its members and prepares them to be leaders in the contemporary healthcare environment.

Student Success

Define student success, establish student success indicators, and design initiatives to positively impact student retention.

Student Experience

Identify, monitor, implement, create, and encourage experiences, programs, and services that contribute to a positive MCPHS student experience.

Faculty and Staff Success

Successful faculty and staff are essential to MCPHS’s commitment to being an innovator in health and professional education. Faculty and staff are successful when they are engaged in their work, realize a sense of accomplishment, and make meaningful contributions. The University fosters their success by providing opportunities for them to grow and expand their skills in a supportive and collaborative workplace that offers respect, inclusion, wellness, and the ability to achieve individualized goals.

Infrastructure and Technology

Assess, coordinate, and make recommendations for infrastructure and technology initiatives to support the needs of the MCPHS Community.

University Identity

Understand the brand identity and awareness of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in the marketplace. Help to define and prioritize our aspirations, and to communicate, perpetuate, and elevate those ambitions in the most effective way possible.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Intentionally create a vibrantly diverse campus where students, faculty, staff, and other members of our community feel connected, respected, accepted, and valued. Support efforts to challenge existing biases and disparities that serve as barriers to success for historically excluded populations.

Alumni Engagement

Understand, make recommendations, and advocate for the goals and objects approved by the University for attracting, connecting, affecting, and influencing alumni of MCPHS.

External Collaboration

Ensure that MCPHS fosters external collaborations that drive innovation and success by connecting with local or international alumni, educational affiliates, employers, communities, and government entities. Make the most of these connections in order to leverage talent and resources that address current and emerging real-world opportunities.


Review operations and activities to determine compliance with applicable laws and MCPHS policies, and to report findings regularly to the President and Compliance Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Program Planning and Development

Evaluate the University’s existing programs relative to their competitive strength, their position in the marketplace, and their alignment with the overall mission of the University. In addition, this committee explores opportunities for new programs and initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability

Develop a roadmap that allows the MCPHS Community to operate in a healthier and environmentally sustainable manner.


Help the University stay in compliance with NECHE accreditation standards.