Strategic Priority: Faculty and Staff Success

Purpose Statement

Create an environment where faculty and staff are engaged in their work, realize a sense of accomplishment, and have opportunities to grow and expand their skills in a supportive and collaborative workplace that fosters respect, inclusion, and wellness.


Goal 1: Work with PECOM to establish structure & composition of the faculty & staff success team for FY24. As the team shifts from analysis and advocacy to identification and implementation.

Goal 2: Identify & prioritize initiatives from the 4 themes identified in the employee satisfaction survey, and listed below, to implement in FY24 & FY25

  • Communication Across Departments: better communication and addressing issues between departments/offices, and empowering our community to implement a collaborative approach.
  • Knowledge Management: clear and easy-to-find documentation on policies and/or procedures that facilitate our work at MCPHS.
  • Onboarding: implementing clear processes for orienting and training new employees, including employees who step into new roles.
  • Workload evaluation and analysis: evaluate, identify, optimize opportunities and propose innovations to make work more effective and efficient.

Goal 3: Develop project plans and measures of success to assess the outcomes of the initiatives being implemented

MCPHS Employee Satisfaction Survey

Strategic Priority 3 Team Initiatives