Working Groups

The Strategic Plan for Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) has been developed over the course of two years by a Strategic Planning Task Force. The Plan identifies strategic priorities that will guide MCPHS for the coming years.

Each working group is dedicated to a specific strategic priority and is overseen by its respective committee to ensure its success.

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

The IEC is the highest level quality control committee of the Strategic Planning Process. It reports to the MCPHS Board of Trustees and advises the University President and Provost. Its charge is to evaluate and determine if MCPHS is meeting, complying with, and achieving the Strategic Priorities that have been established through the Strategic Plan. The IEC is strictly an oversight body whose sole responsibility is to assess performance and continuity of process. Its membership is made up of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and trustees. The committee meets quarterly.

Planning and Effectiveness Committee (PECOM)

The PECOM is a working group that oversees the standardization of the purpose, goals, and objectives of the Strategic Priorities. It provides guidance to ensure a unified approach to each priority’s goals and measurable objectives that will attain concrete results without limiting creativity. PECOM advises the Strategic Priorities Committee (SPC) and the Accreditation Standards Committee (ASC), providing final approval on all Strategic Priorities’ purpose, goals, and objectives. Once the purpose, goals, and objectives of each committee and team have been memorialized, PECOM is responsible for oversight on the measurable achievement of each one. PECOM reports up through the IEC, and it is chaired by the President and Provost. Its membership includes the chairs of the SPC and ASC, as well as several academic and administrative officers.

Strategic Priorities Committee (SPC)

The SPC provides oversight to the Strategic Priorities Teams, which define the purpose of their respective priority and are responsible for developing measurable goals, objectives, and initiatives to achieve success in advancing the institution. The SPC monitors the progress of these teams and provides provisional approval of their purpose, goals, and objectives before passing them on to PECOM for final approval. Following that, the SPC is responsible for monitoring each team’s key performance indicators in the accomplishment of their respective goals. Associate Provost for Academic and Professional Affairs Jeanine Mount serves as chair, and SPC membership includes the co-leads of each of the Strategic Priorities Teams.

Strategic Priorities Teams

  • Student Success
  • Student Experience
  • Faculty and Staff Success
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • University Identity
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Alumni Engagement
  • External Collaboration
  • Compliance
  • Program Planning and Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Accreditation

Accreditation Standards Committee (ASC)

The ASC has similar structure, leadership, and reporting framework as the SPC, with one main difference – whereas the SPC is responsible for helping to define each Strategic Priorities Team's purpose, goals, and objectives in fulfilling MCPHS’s Strategic Plan, the ASC is responsible for oversight of the teams assigned to the highly specified and codified NECHE accreditation standards. Given the importance of meeting these standards, the ASC oversees the work of the SPC Accreditation Team to ensure compliance.

Accreditation Standards

  • Mission and Purpose
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Organization and Governance
  • Academic Programs
  • Students
  • Teaching, Learning, & Scholarship
  • Institutional Resources
  • Educational Effectiveness
  • Integrity and Transparency