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COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Fall 2021


MCPHS has made the decision to join the growing number of colleges and universities across the state and country to require all students to have the COVID-19 vaccine in order to be on campus for the fall 2021 semester. Please note that there are already some clinical sites requiring COVID-19 vaccination, and you will need to follow the site’s requirements with respect to COVID-19 vaccination. Undergraduate and graduate students must be fully vaccinated prior to the start of the fall academic year. This decision was made in accordance with medical and public health experts, including a recommendation from the American College Health Association that all on-campus students receive COVID-19 vaccines prior to the fall 2021 semester, and is the most effective way for us to prevent the spread of the virus on campus.


It is less clear at the moment what might be expected of employees. As we look to the fall, we will closely follow guidance from the CDC as well as state and local officials, and we strongly recommend you get vaccinated at your earliest convenience.

Vaccines are now widely available for those age 16 and older. For those in the United States, the CDC website lists resources for finding and making a vaccine appointment. For international students, MCPHS will work with you to obtain a vaccination once you arrive in the United States. If you would like more information regarding the vaccine, you can contact the MCPHS COVID-19 Team for assistance at

For vaccine information in multiple languages, please visit this page from the Boston Health Commission.

If you have been fully vaccinated, we have an easy way to upload your vaccine documentation. Using the CoVerified app, you can upload a picture of your vaccine card via the “Upload Vaccine Record” link under the “Report” section of the app. Please note: The system does not support multiple images. If you need to send both the front and back of your card, please create two vaccination entries. Download the CoVerified app tutorial

If you have questions about accessing or using the app, please contact the Help Desk.

Public health experts strongly recommend people continue to wear masks and follow COVID-19 safety protocols even after an individual has received both COVID-19 vaccine shots. According to these experts, the vaccine is believed to prevent serious illness in those vaccinated, but there is no evidence yet that it will prevent the spread of the virus. There is a distinct possibility that some vaccinated individuals could still get infected with COVID-19 and further spread the virus. In an effort to keep non-vaccinated MCPHS Community members safe, those who have received the vaccination will still be required to wear masks and continue to follow established safety and testing protocols.

Flexplan 2021

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Our plan for the safe reopening in the summer.

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