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COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility

Am I eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

MCPHS Community members will be eligible for the vaccine based on government phases and timelines. MCPHS is following the state guidance outlined by Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While not exactly the same, the Massachusetts and New Hampshire phased vaccine rollouts have similar timeframes:

  • As Massachusetts expands its COVID-19 vaccine distribution to all of Phase 1 and the first eligible groups of Phase 2, including COVID-facing healthcare workers, long-term care facilities, first responders, congregate care settings, non-COVID-facing healthcare workers, individuals 65 or older, individuals with 2 or more qualifying medical conditions, and/or residents and staff of low income and affordable senior housing, many more MCPHS Community members gain vaccine eligibility.
  • New Hampshire is currently distributing vaccines to individuals covered under Phase 1a, including high-risk healthcare workers and first responders, and Phase 1b, which includes remaining health workers. Subsequent phases for the state will be added as future vaccine allocation is determined. The New Hampshire complete schedule for all phases of vaccination priority can be found on the NH.Gov website.
  • MCPHS is also monitoring the phased vaccine rollouts in other states where there are students on clinical rotations in order to support them with getting the vaccine.

To assist with understanding eligibility, the University is, to the best of its ability, identifying which of its students and employees are eligible to be vaccinated during which phase and will communicate that information to each individual.

How do Massachusetts and New Hampshire group people into the different phases?

Each state has created charts with a summary of residents’ eligibility by population type, for example, healthcare workers, individuals with certain preexisting conditions, and the general public. You can find the Massachusetts chart here and the New Hampshire chart here.

Will MCPHS be administering the vaccine to students, faculty, and staff?

The University is currently engaging in strategic partnerships with local institutions and organizations to secure vaccines for our Community members eligible as part of Phase 1. The University also is staying up to date on vaccine supply and distribution locations including pharmacies, healthcare settings, and designated mass vaccination sites in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and will communicate the latest information to the University Community on a regular basis. Distribution and supply chain challenges, and the focus on individuals with the greatest need for the vaccine, have necessarily slowed the original timeline.

MCPHS has formed University-wide vaccine committees to support a cohesive and comprehensive approach to the University’s response to the phased distribution of vaccines as well as immunization training. Given the eligibility criteria to date, students, faculty, and staff who have clinical rotations, work in our own clinics, and are first responders are the top priority for getting vaccinated. The latest information and updates on the vaccine availability, timeline, and eligibility phases, as well as details on the immunization training programs also will be maintained on the COVID-19 website.

Where else can I get the vaccine?

This map shows vaccine administration locations for all eligible Phase One residents in Massachusetts. It includes pharmacies and healthcare facilities as well as mass distribution sites including Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park. The state of New Hampshire will distribute COVID-19 vaccines to provider offices, urgent care, pharmacies, and other local healthcare facilities that have the capacity to offer vaccination to patients.

Can I return to pre-pandemic norms once I receive the vaccine?

Public health experts strongly recommend people continue to wear face coverings or masks and follow COVID-19 safety protocols even after an individual has received both COVID-19 vaccine shots. According to these experts, the vaccine is believed to prevent serious illness in those vaccinated, but there is no evidence yet that it will prevent the spread of the virus. There is a distinct possibility that some vaccinated individuals could still get infected with COVID-19 and further spread the virus. In an effort to keep non-vaccinated MCPHS Community members safe, those who have received the vaccination will still be required to wear face coverings or masks and continue to follow established safety and testing protocols.

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