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Fellowships and Residencies: School of Pharmacy

MCPHS University offers two different types of postgraduate opportunities through the School of Pharmacy: Fellowships and Residencies. To learn more about each one, please see the information below.


Our fellowship programs aim to expose PharmD graduates to prestigious organizations and provide them with the scientific skills, technical knowledge, and leadership experience necessary to take their healthcare careers to the next level.

We offer three different types of fellowship opportunities. To learn more about each one, please click the links below.


Pharmacy residencies are postgraduate training programs in defined areas of pharmacy practice. Residencies provide pharmacists experiences in the integration of pharmacy services with the needs of different practice settings. These in-depth experiences lead to advanced practice skills and knowledge. Residencies are typically 12 months or longer in duration. During that time, a resident’s experiences are closely directed and evaluated by a qualified practitioner/preceptor. Each residency program affiliated with MCPHS University provides numerous large and small group teaching opportunities throughout the year. For additional details about the residency programs we offer, please click the program links below.