Apothecare Pharmacy, LLC

Postdoctoral Pharmacy Fellowships

Apothecare Pharmacy, LLC and MCPHS offer 2 postdoctoral pharmacy fellowships:

  • Fellowship in Pharmacy Operations & Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Fellowship in Compounding

Headquartered in Brockton, MA, Apothecare Pharmacy, LLC is a quickly growing independent pharmacy specialized in servicing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities residing in community-based settings. Our vision is to provide the highest value and most comprehensive care to our customers, which elicits multiple daily deliveries to homes across the state, execution on complex patient-specific medication packaging, and 24/7 access to a pharmacist for medication consulting and dispensing.

Our automated packaging and dispensing technology, cutting edge workflow management systems, and investments from our strategic business partners allow for a consistently growing population of over 6,000 patients. We intend to leverage our unique high-touch service model to expand operations into new markets across the state.

Apothecare’s reputation has made the pharmacy one of the area’s largest and most respected providers for residential programs, assisted living and independently living seniors, and hospice. We work hard to expand our services across the country in providing excellent patient care at the convenience of our customers and caregivers. As we pursue this goal, the Fellow will gain unique exposure to investment-driven acquisition-based growth strategies.

Apothecare’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, established in 2015, focuses on providing comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of pharmacy operations from the ground up by establishing Fellows’ understanding of workflow requirements of each department, integrating Fellows into the company’s management team, and pushing Fellows to make impactful business decisions. Graduates of the Fellowship are well-equipped to pursue management opportunities in diverse settings such as pharmacy ownership, pharmaceutical industry, or corporate enterprise.

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For more information on any of the fellowships, please contact the Fellowship Program Director:

Brian Franks, COO
Chief Operating Officer at Apothecare Pharmacy, LLC
Director of Apothecare Pharmacy Fellowship Program
Apothecare Pharmacy, LLC
629 Centre Street
Brockton, MA 02302
Phone: 508.588.6800