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MCPHS: A Global University

Healthcare is global. So are we. Every year, we welcome more than 900 international students from 60+ countries who travel to MCPHS to study. And every year, we send students off-campus to participate in hands-on healthcare experiences around the world. MCPHS faculty have forged collaborative relationships and research partnerships with healthcare professionals and institutions in every corner of the globe. Those networks give MCPHS students the opportunity to participate in life-changing service learning trips, student exchanges, and clinical rotations in vibrant cities and remote villages from London to Agadir, Morocco. The Center for International Studies (CIS) is a hub for these activities and hosts events and global speakers to promote cross-cultural learning and understanding.

The World Needs MCPHS Now

MCPHS students, faculty, and alumni put their skills and knowledge to work wherever in the world they are needed. MCPHS supports them all with a robust set of resources.

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International students

Approximately 15 percent of the MCPHS student body is of international origin, and we are committed to giving them maximum support on their transition to the United States, including assistance with immigration logistics. Most important, we help them become integral members of this friendly, collaborative community of people who share their dedication to creating a healthier planet.

A large group of MCPHS students on a service learning trip to Peru with the mountains in the background

Global experiences

Our international collaborations with worldwide healthcare providers, educational institutions, and Fortune 100 companies provide MCPHS students with one-of-a-kind learning opportunities. These experiences give them distinctive knowledge and skills and a competitive edge across the healthcare universe.

MCPHS student performing an ultrasound on a patient in Bolivia

Research and clinical rotations abroad

Students enrolled in some programs can satisfy their curriculum requirements—and enhance their résumés—by taking part in immersive five- or six-week clinical rotations and clerkships in cities like Cape Town, Beijing, Lima, London, and Seoul.

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Faculty partnerships and research collaborations

Many MCPHS faculty have global backgrounds, which have enriched our extensive international connections. And an increasing number of MCPHS professors are conducting important research with partners at institutions around the world.

Hieu Tran ’23 wins Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship

The medical and molecular biology major from Vietnam is conducting research on therapeutic techniques for autism and schizophrenia.

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Healthcare Leaders with a Passion for Teaching

At MCPHS, cutting-edge scholarship and professional affiliations go hand in hand with instruction and mentoring.


Stephen Kerr

Assistant Provost for International Affairs

School of Pharmacy


Ita Duron

Executive Director of Global Strategies & Collaborations

Academic Affairs


Eric Thompson

Chief Enrollment Officer

Admission Office


Sara Sanford

Executive Director of International Academic Services

Center for International Studies

Sunnia Ko Davis

Sunnia Ko Davis

Director of the Undergraduate Bridge Program and English Language Resource Center

School of Arts and Sciences


Connaught O'Brien

Assistant Director of International Programs

Center for International Studies


Stephanie McCormick

Associate Director of Immigration and International Support Serv

Center for International Studies


Emily Anderson

Director of Immigration and International Support Services/ PDSO

Center for International Studies