Student Exchange Program

Center for International Studies

The Center for International Studies (CIS) networks across departments to provide wide-ranging services to students drawn to the University from countries worldwide—and to MCPHS students seeking educational and professional opportunities abroad.

A Dynamic Exchange of Students, Faculty, and Ideas

Our collaborations with universities across the globe, most recently in Japan and Korea, create new levels of international engagement and academic cooperation. Dozens of our esteemed full-time faculty hold degrees from universities outside the United States, representing 25 countries on six continents. They lend their expertise to countries lacking certain programs by guest lecturing, consulting, and doing collaborative research.

Each year, more than 930 international students from over 60 countries come to MCPHS to study. When they graduate, they are fully prepared to enter the highly competitive U.S. market or bring their invaluable skills back home to make a difference in their own communities.

MCPHS-KPU Exchange Program

The Kyoto Pharmaceutical University program is one example of the exciting exchange opportunities available within our School of Pharmacy. Students visit MCPHS from Japan, and MCPHS students travel to Japan to learn about pharmacy education on the other side of the globe.

One MCPHS-KPU exchange program student, Nicholas Jakowenko, PharmD, remarked on how exciting it was to network with colleagues from Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, the United States, and Egypt.

“It benefits a soon-to-be pharmacist like me to see such a different view of pharmacy practice,” he says. “Moving forward, I hope we can all take what we have learned from this gathering and apply it to our own practices so that we may advance the field of pharmacy globally.”

For MCPHS University, KPU arranged a tour at one of Japan’s largest hospitals, the Kyoto University Hospital. Exchange program student Anh Vu, PharmD, felt so lucky to have learned so much about pharmacy education and practice around the world, especially about Vietnam, her home country.

“The Japanese level of self-awareness, work ethics, and attention to details has inspired me to carry the same mentality and preparedness going into my clinical rotations as well as my future journey as a healthcare professional.”