Bachelor of Science in Public Health—Occupational Therapy Pathway (BS/MSOT)

School of Arts and Sciences

Location: Boston
Start Term: Fall, Spring

This 3+2 pathway allows you to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BS) and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) in five years instead of the traditional six.

Help Patients Thrive in their Daily Lives

Learn how to build or restore patients’ abilities to perform daily tasks and teach them to optimize their independence with a combined degree in in this accelerated five-year pathway program. You’ll spend the first three years earning your bachelor’s degree at our Boston campus. You then will transition to MCPHS Manchester, where you’ll work alongside experts in our advanced simulation laboratories and in a wide range of clinical experiences. When you graduate, you’ll be eligible to sit for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy exam. The program begins in the fall.

Your Three-Year Undergraduate Journey

The knowledge and skills gained through your study of public health provide an excellent foundation for your advanced studies in occupational therapy.

First Year

  • study various areas of biology and chemistry and attend associated labs
  • explore American culture and its impact on the healthcare system
  • learn calculus and expository writing

Second Year

  • develop an understanding of public health through seminar work and an exploration of cultural anthropology
  • hone your interpersonal communication skills and learn about human psychology
  • study anatomy and physiology and apply your knowledge in laboratory work

Third Year

  • build your knowledge of epidemiology, environment and health, and healthcare ethics
  • learn about public health policy and community health
  • study exercise physiology, human and child development, and abnormal psychology
  • students who submit their OTCAS, achieve the minimum GPA and other admission requirements are reviewed for admission to the MSOT program

The Heart of New England’s Healthcare Ecosystem

The MCPHS Public Health program was a great fit for one student’s very specific vision—improving public health and water accessibility.

Building a Career that Makes a Difference

The combination of public health and occupational therapy puts you in a unique position to help individuals make transformational change.

#11 Best Healthcare Jobs

U.S. News and World Report ranks occupational therapist one of the best healthcare jobs (2022)

Meet our dynamic student body

MCPHS is one of the most diverse colleges in New England.

The best place to be

MCPHS is located in Boston’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area, a global center for healthcare delivery, research, and education.

Pathways to a Career in Public Health

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