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Center for Health Humanities

The health humanities add humanistic perspectives to the understanding of illness and healthcare through interdisciplinary scholarship and research.

By sponsoring research retreats, seminars, poster sessions, visiting speakers and other special events, the MCPHS University Center for Health Humanities (CHH) fosters a supportive environment for collaborative faculty scholarship and outreach and promotes health humanities in the wider academic, medical, and healthcare communities.

Health humanities has become an established component of the curriculum at many medical schools. MCPHS University is committed to advancing health humanities initiatives in the health professions. The University's support of the CHH demonstrates one of its core values: the integration of the liberal arts and professional studies.

For more information about CHH events and activities, contact the School of Arts and Sciences, Office of the Dean, at 617.732.2911

Mission Statement

The Center for Health Humanities at MCPHS University is a community of educators and scholars that explores and promotes opportunities for the study, development, and application of the humanities as they relate to:

  • Experiences of illness and well-being
  • The pursuit and provision of healthcare
  • The social, cultural, political and institutional contexts of healthcare
  • The education of health professionals

The CHH defines the humanities broadly to include philosophy and ethics, literature and the arts, history, anthropology, and related social and behavioral sciences.

The Center for Health Humanities encourages and supports:


  • Promoting collaborative research
  • Discussing readings, films and other texts of common interest
  • Responding to presentations of works in progress by group members

Curriculum Development

  • Identifying and investigating potential health humanities pathways and programs
  • Enriching continuing education programs

Public Outreach

  • Sponsoring conferences, invited speakers, and other public forums that engage the larger MCPHS University and Longwood Medical Area communities
  • Establishing MCPHS University as a resource in the health humanities

The Center for Health Humanities seeks to become a model for the application and study of the humanities at health professions institutions.