Sarepta Therapeutics Fellowships

Sarepta is on an urgent mission: engineer precision genetic medicine for rare diseases that devastate lives and cut futures short. We hold leadership positions in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and limb-girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMDs), and we currently have more than 40 programs in various stages of development. Our vast pipeline is driven by our multi-platform Precision Genetic Medicine Engine in gene therapy, RNA and gene editing. For more information, please visit  or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook

We’re ushering in a new era of drug development with the goal of driving efficiencies, including shortening the time from lab to patient and building the world’s largest gene therapy manufacturing capacity. We’re collaborating with health networks and payers, rethinking pricing models for revolutionary new treatments in development. We are in a daily race to transform genetic understanding into genetic medicine. Because every day is an opportunity to save lives stolen by rare disease.

Our Mission

Armed with the most advanced science in genetic medicine, we are in a daily race to rescue lives otherwise stolen by rare disease. At Sarepta, every day is another twenty-four hours to stand up for patients, advance technology, challenge convention, and drag tomorrow into today.

Program Overview

The Sarepta Medical Affairs PharmD Fellowship program is an advanced postgraduate training opportunity to provide PharmD graduates with specialized experience and skills in the pharmaceutical industry. The program offers fellows the chance to work closely with experienced preceptors and engage in hands-on projects to enhance their professional development and contribute to the advancement of rare diseases.

This fellowship is a 2-year program with a primary focus on the different areas within Global Medical Affairs. This program will be rotational based.

The program includes 6 core rotations across various Medical Affairs teams:

  1. Medical Science Liaisons
  2. Medical Managed Care
  3. Global Medical Affairs Leads (GMALs)
  4. Scientific Communications
  5. Medical Information and Knowledge Management
  6. GMA Launch & Global Strategic Engagement

**The program also includes one elective rotation and may be aligned with the fellow’s interest and company need.

Please see our brochure for additional details.