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Interprofessional Education

As experienced healthcare professionals, we know that the best way to serve patients and innovate the state of healthcare is through collaboration. When healthcare practitioners from different professional backgrounds collaborate, from physical therapists to pharmacists to nurses, they share their unique skillsets and learn to consider and value the insights of other health workers. As a result, patients receive comprehensive treatment plans and the highest quality care possible.

This team-based delivery model is the future of healthcare. We achieve collaborative healthcare delivery by immersing our students, from the very start of their academic career, in interprofessional education.

At MCPHS, interprofessional education involves bringing together students, professionals, and educators across more than 100 programs into one community of collaborative colleagues. Our interprofessional education experiences occur in labs, classrooms, and simulations, at events and through partnerships with local healthcare institutions. These experiences encourage the members of our community to share their own perspectives and understand those of others. We are passionate about what we can accomplish—together.

By learning together, students can see firsthand the patient-facing and systemic benefits of collaboration. And when they apply this knowledge to their own practice, they, in turn, shape the future of healthcare delivery.

Treating Mr. Z: Interprofessional Education with a Twist in Worcester

PT and nursing students work through a patient treatment simulation as a team.

Students in our nursing, PA, and PT programs gain new perspectives as they work together to provide care.


Collaborative Learning Delivers Collaborative Healthcare

Students talking at pharmacy IPE event.

Students on our Boston campus participate in an interprofessional education program that focuses on medication adherence, a global challenge facing the medical industry.