Payment Options

Electronic bills (E-bills) for each semester's tuition and fees are sent beginning in June (fall statement) and November (spring statement). Students enrolled in an accelerated program will also receive an e-bill in April (summer statement). Your family can pay each bill in one lump sum, arrange to spread payments over each semester, finance the balance with a student/parent loan, or use any combination of the three.

E-Bill is official method for sending account statements. E-Bills are delivered electronically through the Student Account Center (SAC). See the SAC web page for more information about accessing the SAC and your account statements.

Methods of Payment

Students and families have the convenient option of making online payments. If making a payment plan payment, please go to the Student Accounts Center page and use either the Student Login or Authorized User Login buttons to access the Student Account Center. The following methods of payment are available.

  • E-check payments made with a checking or savings account. This payment method is not subject to a service fee.
  • Debit/Credit Card payments are accepted but are subject to a service fee equal to 2.75% of the payment amount ($1.00 minimum). The service fee will be charged and retained by our payment service provider.

In addition to the payment methods available above, MCPHS also offers the following alternative payment methods.

Wire Transfer

  • US Students: Please email Student Financial Services at to request the information necessary for a wire transfer.
  • International Students: MCPHS has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for our international students. To make a wire transfer payment via Flywire, visit and select MCPHS.


While check payments are still accepted by mail, we encourage families to save the postage and pay by eCheck online (free of charge) via the Student Account Center. In order to expedite processing, please include the student ID number on the check and send your payment to:

Post Office Remittance Address:
PO Box 412475
Boston, MA 02241-2475

Overnight Mail:
Bank of America Lockbox Services
MCPHS 412475
2 Morrissey Blvd
Dorchester, MA 02125