Academic Bridge Program

MCPHS Academic Bridge Program

The Academic Bridge Program is a one-semester program that strengthens your English skills and prepares you for academic success in your chosen major at MCPHS. It allows you to start classes in your major right away with your degree classmates, and earn credits toward your bachelor. At the same time, you will strengthen your English communication through a focus on science and health-related learning materials.

During your semester in the program, you will benefit from continuous instruction and feedback in the academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that you need for university studies. You will work closely with MCPHS professors who apply the latest linguistic research and teaching techniques to challenge you and help you develop the academic language skills that you need to succeed in healthcare studies. The focus on medical and health sciences in the Academic Bridge Program will help you build a strong foundation in vocabulary, scientific research, and recent trends in these fields.

This program offers you an easier transition into the American university classroom and a better chance at a higher GPA in your academic program.

What are English classes in the Academic Bridge Program like?

In the program, you can expect:

  • An interactive, collegial and friendly classroom environment.
  • A small class size.
  • Innovative learning and teaching methods.
  • Extensive opportunities to practice and improve your English communication.
  • Challenging discussions that strengthen critical thinking.
  • An immersive English language experience in the health science fields.

Who is it for?

If you are academically strong enough for our programs but could benefit from specialized English preparation, then the Academic Bridge Program is for you. We recommend it to all first year students who are academically admissible to one of our degree programs and who have scored between a 69 and 78 (or equivalent) on the TOEFL.

How does it work?

In the Academic Bridge Program, you are conditionally accepted into your undergraduate degree. The program curriculum includes two academic classes from your major, and three academic English classes.

In the three academic English courses, you develop academic skills such as critical reading of course materials, academic writing, note-taking, test-taking, oral presentations, academic discussions, and study strategies. You will learn from materials that highlight current issues and trends in the American healthcare industry, and you will be immersed in topics relevant to your major. You will have opportunities to practice your ability to communicate in English within the context of the health sciences. These interactive classes will develop your ability to succeed in science and health-related courses at MCPHS. By building a strong foundation in English communication in the Academic Bridge Program, you can improve your performance in interviews, internships, and clinical rotations.

What qualifications do the program's instructors have?

All Bridge and English Language instructors have a minimum of a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Applied Linguistics, and have significant experience working with a variety of nationalities, so they understand the needs of students who are away from home.

What other services are provided in the program?

In addition to the Academic Bridge curriculum, you will have access to all academic and student support resources at MCPHS, including:

  • Academic tutoring and supplemental instruction.
  • Peer mentoring.
  • English language tutoring and support workshops.
  • Involvement in student clubs and organizations.
  • Access to the Writing Center.
  • Access to the Math and Physics Center.
  • International academic advising.
  • University Health Services.
  • Office of Student Access and Accommodations.
  • Counseling services.

How do Bridge students progress into full-time degree programs?

Bridge students must succeed in all Bridge classes, score sufficiently in language proficiency exams, and be approved by an academic committee to enter academic programs full-time. Most students progress into full-time academic studies after one semester in the Academic Bridge Program, but a second semester may be necessary.

What is the tuition per semester for the program?

Tuition per semester in the Academic Bridge Program is equal to a semester of a regular Bachelor of Science. For more detailed tuition information see our tuition and fees page.

What are the English language proficiency requirements?

English language proficiency requirements are located on our International Applicants page.

When does it start?

The Academic Bridge Program has entry dates in September and January for most programs. However, some programs only allow one entry date. Email to learn more.