Student Health Insurance

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and MCPHS policy, all Boston, Worcester, and Manchester students (regardless of enrollment) must be covered by a comprehensive health insurance program. The University makes available a general health insurance program that meets these standards. This policy is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield and administered by University Health Plans. The annual coverage begins August 15, 2023, and runs through August 14, 2024.

All international students must enroll in the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan except for:

  • Those international students whose sponsoring institutions have a signed agreement with MCPHS that complies with the University's health insurance waiver requirements
  • International students with a plan for which their health insurance company's primary home office is based in the United States, and the policy provides comparable coverage to the University student health insurance plan.

International students who do not fall under one of the conditions above must purchase the University's student health insurance plan and therefore are not eligible for a waiver.

Complete your online Health Insurance Waiver Form.

If you do not waive enrollment in the College Student Health Insurance Plan by the appropriate deadline date, you will be held responsible for the health insurance premium.

Health Insurance Waiver Deadlines

  • Students entering in the fall semester: August 1, 2023
  • Students entering in the spring semester: December 2023
  • Students entering in the summer semester: May 15, 2024

You must complete the waiver each academic year.

Health Insurance Premium Costs

Your health insurance premium is charged once at the start of your specific academic year.

  • For students entering in the fall semester, the estimated premium is: $3,576
  • For students entering in the spring semester, the estimated premium is $2,231
  • For students entering in the summer semester, the estimated premium is $1,042

Loss of Coverage

If you submit an insurance waiver and then lose your coverage due to a qualifying life-changing event, you must contact University Health Plans at 833-251-1707 or by email at within 60 days to be enrolled in the BCBS SHIP. All students are required by law to have health insurance while enrolled at MCPHS University.


If you have questions about Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health Insurance Benefits, contact University Health Plans at 800.437.6448 or visit them online.

If you have questions about the premium that has been charged to your bill or the status of your waiver, contact MCPHS at 617.732.2864.