Tips For Transfers

Transferring to a new college can be complicated, especially when each school has a different process. But at MCPHS, you don’t have to do it alone. Each year, we help more than 300 students transfer into the program of their choice. Whether you’re transferring from another school or pursuing a second degree, our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you navigate the application and transition process.

Make a transfer admission appointment

The best way to learn more about MCPHS is through a one-on-one Transfer Admission Appointment via video or phone. At your transfer admission appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story, concerns, and professional goals. Your transfer counselor can help you avoid pitfalls by preparing a personalized road map for you. Building this road map will include:

  • Determining the right MCPHS campus and academic program for you.
  • Planning out coursework to take before you come to MCPHS, if needed.
  • Creating a personalized transfer credit evaluation.
  • Discussing criteria for merit scholarship.

Have your official or unofficial transcripts ready when you meet with a transfer counselor via video or phone. Transfer counselors can use your transcripts to discuss your transfer credits and entry into MCPHS.

Explore MCPHS virtually

Following your one-on-one appointment with a Transfer Counselor, take some time to explore our campuses through our virtual tours. This experience will help you visualize your future as you get to know our Boston, Worcester, or Manchester, NH communities.

If you are applying to a program located on the Boston campus, we encourage you to take our student-led virtual tour. Offered multiple times a week, it gives you a chance to see all that MCPHS Boston has to offer, and hear directly from a current MCPHS student.

Meet your MAC team

The Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE) provides academic support services that empower students to succeed. Through CASE, you’ll meet your MAC team – a small, personalized, and supportive academic team. These individuals will be directly connected to your academic program and fully equipped to understand your specific goals and needs.

Each member of the MAC team acts as a valuable resource. Faculty mentors are members of our team who offer support with program exploration, career planning, continuing education, and professional coaching. Academic coaches help navigate the academic challenges and transitions that appear along the journey toward becoming a healthcare professional. They also facilitate access to professional resources and help you fortify your test-taking and self-management techniques.

In addition to the MAC team, upper-level students serve as peer mentors and help make matriculating into MCPHS a smooth transition.

Visit Career Services

Career Services helps you develop and attain your professional goals.

Career Services affords you access to industry-specific resources, professional advising, and hands-on professional experiences from the moment you begin your journey at MCPHS. As a center built to help support your personal and professional goals, Career Services offers students job search training, professional development opportunities, and access to a global alumni network. If you’re looking for an internship, summer job, or fellowship, Career Services is the perfect place to start.