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International Admission Counselors

Ita Duron

Executive Director of Global Strategies & International Programs

Ita HermouetHello, my name is Ita. I have a Honduran heritage and was raised in America but lived most of my life in Europe. I have had the chance to develop exchange and academic programs with universities in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. I have visited university cities all over the world and Boston is by far the college town with the most intellectual activity and professional potential I have ever seen. I have a BS in Business Administration, a License in International Marketing, and an MA in International Studies with a concentration in Intercultural Communication.

At MCPHS, we work closely with professionals in all healthcare fields, both in the United States and in your home country. I follow the healthcare industry here and abroad and work hard to make the right contacts in your home country so you can build your resume both in the US and at home, giving you a competitive advantage when you enter the job market. Ask me questions about the trends in the healthcare industry in your country. I would love to discuss.

Contact me if you're a student from any country who wants to know more about transferring your US healthcare degree back to your home country. You can also contact me with any questions regarding collaboration agreements with our institution.
Ich kann Deutsch sprechen. Posso parlare Italiano. Je parle français. Hablo Español.

Telephone: +1.832.578-8188

Greg Friedman

Director of International Admission

Greg Friedman Hi, my name is Greg. I grew up in Massachusetts but also lived and worked in China for three years. In college I majored in Chinese Language and Literature and Psychology and I completed multiple language immersion programs. Prior to joining MCPHS I worked for an education consulting firm that specialized in international student recruitment where I had the opportunity to travel frequently to China and South Korea. Since joining MCPHS, I have traveled extensively in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Thailand, and Vietnam to meet with prospective students. In my career I have counseled thousands of international students on how to pursue their dreams of studying in the United States.

If you're interested in healthcare, MCPHS is where you should be. Our location in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, one of the world's top healthcare destinations, will prepare you for a rewarding career as a health professional. I look forward to working with you and to seeing if MCPHS is the right fit.

Contact me if you are from Southeast Asia, Macao, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Telephone: +1.774.217.1134

Janice Tsang

Associate Director International Admission Transfer/Graduate

Janice Tsang CounselorHi, my name is Janice. I am a local Bostonian who grew up and went to school in the city. I have lived abroad in China and New Zealand, but Boston will always be my home. Having experienced the college life here, it is very exciting for me to introduce the city and the wide array of opportunities to international students from all over the world. At MCPHS, I love to meet and counsel students who are passionate about learning and helping others. In a large healthcare hub like Boston, the city offers the best resources for students to become professional practitioners and to learn about the cutting-edge innovations in the industry.

In my role, I help students who have completed university courses outside of the United States and who wish to transfer credit towards a MCPHS program. I care deeply about helping each student create a successful plan at MCPHS in order to meet their career goals.

Contact me if you have would like to transfer foreign credit from your previous studies towards a MCPHS program.

Telephone: +1.617.732.2970

Heaock (Judy) D. Kang

Korean Admission Counselor
Special Institutional Agreements Coordinator

Judy DoHi, my name is Heaock (Judy) K. Do. I came to America as an international student in 1982 and after graduation with MA. Education, I have been working with students as a teacher and counselor for 35 years. Since 2015, I have been helping international students from South Korea apply to MCPHS. I also coordinate the MOU efforts between MCPHS and Korean educational institutions to help create internship and research experiences.

Contact me if you are from South Korea.
나는 한국어를 사용합니다

USA Phone: +1.443.621.2625
Korea Phone: +82 10 4416 0309

Aakash Bablani

Senior Recruitment Advisor

Counselor Aakash BablaniHi, my name is Aakash. I am from New Delhi, India. I completed my Bachelors and Master's degree in Commerce from India. I'm an international education professional with nine years of experience counseling students from South Asia to get admission in various Universities abroad.

At MCPHS, I'm responsible for helping students from South Asia reach their academic and professional goals. At MCPHS we help Indian students connect with American and Indian healthcare industry professionals. I travel round the year all over India to meet students and families to assist them with any queries.

Contact me if you are a student from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or any other country in South Asia.

Mobile/WhatsApp: +91 97171 53171

Christina Cormier

Senior Associate Director of International Admission

Hi, my name is Christina. MCPHS is my career home, and I have worked with applicants from all over the world here over nearly a decade. Before MCPHS, I worked as a teacher and other areas of higher education.

I choose to work at MCPHS because of its location and commitment to career and global education. My favorite part of the job is traveling all over the Americas to connect with excited students and their families. Boston is a great city with endless opportunities in the Longwood Medical Area. I am so proud to see many graduates, I met as students, making their difference in the healthcare field. The best lecture on healthcare in Boston that I attended was by Dr. Paul Farmer. Ask me about it sometime.

I look forward to working with students in their admission process and want to answer any and all questions you have about MCPHS.

Contact me if you are from Latin American Countries.

Cell: +1 857.321.9036

Cicci Xia

Senior Program Officer

Cicci Xia CounselorHello, my name is Cicci. I am from China and currently live in Beijing. I grew up surrounded by a family of educators who inspired me travel abroad to Canada to complete my bachelor's before going to work in the education field.

I love working with students and helping them understand the many options available to them through our undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs in the business and healthcare fields. As the Senior Program Officer for MCPHS I hope to help more students realize their dreams and achieve success in their goals.

As a specialty school, MCPHS has trained many professionals in the health care industry. MCPHS students have the great fortune of studying in the Longwood Medical Area and have the opportunity to learn from world renowned institutions and hospitals.

Contact me if you’re from China or Macao!

Telephone: +

Federico Suarez

Assistant Director of Admission

Federico Suarez CounselorHey, my name is Federico. I grew up in Chile and the U.K before moving to the US. I completed my bachelor's degree in Sociology and Business Management in the Boston area and haven't been able to leave since. One of my favorite things about living in Boston is that the college culture is full of energy and creativity, with students from all over the world.

Fortunately, MCPHS has the best of both worlds by being in Boston but also having access to the world renowned, Longwood Medical area. By being the hotspot for modern medicine, students are immersed in the Healthcare community which helps them choose the correct path to fulfill their professional goals.

At MCPHS, I help international students already studying in the United States who are looking to continue their education at MCPHS. I am always willing to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out for anything.

Contact me if you are studying in the United States but hold residency or citizenship from another country. Hablo Español.

Telephone: +1 617.732.2843

Karla Garcia

International Admission Counselor 

Karla GarciaHello, my name is Karla. I have lived both in Dominican Republic and the US, having moved to the Boston area four years ago to pursue working with the wide range of academic institutions for international students. I have worked with international students for most of my career and I really enjoy helping students who are passionate about their education build their career paths. Being an international student myself, I am excited to share my experiences and help you in any way I can.

At MCPHS I assist all international students with their application process and visa related paperwork. I look forward to answering your questions and facilitating the next step in your career. Please contact me to discuss your opportunities available to you at MCPHS.

Hablo Español

Telephone: +1 617.906.3856

Krista LaVack

Associate Director of International Admission 

Krista LaVackrHello, my name is Krista. I am a Canadian citizen with U.S. permanent residency, and I reside in northern New York along the U.S.-Canada border. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Canada and studied abroad in Thailand as part of my undergraduate program. I also have an M.S.Ed. in Information & Communication Technology with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

Prior to coming to MCPHS, I worked in all areas of international education at a university in New York for more than 20 years. Now, I am pleased to continue my career journey with MCPHS University. I am drawn to the MCPHS commitment of delivering immersive educational experiences and its focus on the career outcomes of their graduates in the healthcare industry. I look forward to working with you to confirm your higher education journey as well as your professional goals!

Contact me if you are from Canada.

Telephone: +1.857.321.2092


Andrew Park

Assistant Director International Admission 

Andrew ParkHi, my name is Andrew. I first came to the United States when I was 11. I went to elementary school in Maryland, high school in Michigan and Oregon and I came to Boston for Undergraduate in 2002. I was a pre-med student when I studied at Boston University but as I had an interest in Business, I graduated also with a Business minor. Utilizing my background in science and business, I worked for L'Oreal as a Regulatory Specialist but because I found a passion in education, I came back to Boston in 2014 for an MEd in Educational Leadership. Prior to joining MCPHS, I worked with international students around the world to help them matriculate to their dream colleges, especially in the Boston-Cambridge area and I was most happy when my students achieved their academic goals.

If you are interested in becoming a healthcare professional, it's no doubt that Boston and MCPHS is the place to be. Boston is a global center for higher education with over 50 colleges and universities and Boston and Cambridge are home to almost 1,000 biotechnology companies. On top of that, MCPHS is located in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, home to the world's leading medical institutions. With my background in Science, Business, and Education and with the exceptional location and the best resources available, I look forward to walking with you during your journey here at MCPHS.

I speak Korean and am located in Seoul.

Telephone: +82 10-8410-6988

MCPHS works with representatives in many countries who assist us with providing information about the University and with guiding prospective international students through our application process,. To verify that an individual or organization is an authorized representative of MCPHS University, you may contact us at  or +1.617.732.2188. MCPHS University does not encourage or discourage the use of education consultants, study abroad agencies, or similar services. MCPHS University’s applications for admission are free and online.

Payment of tuition should always be made directly to MCPHS, and should never be made through a representative or any other go-between. We have a secure payment system on our website, and will give you the link to this payment platform only after you have been accepted for admission and have been given an official MCPHS student identification number. Should you have any doubts, please contact us directly.