International Admission Counselors

Greg FriedmanGreg Friedman
Associate Director of International Admission

Hi, I'm Greg.

I’m a new member of the international admission team and I’m excited to work with you. In college I majored in Chinese Language and Literature and Psychology and I completed multiple language immersion programs. I also lived in China for a time! Prior to joining MCPHS I worked for an education consulting firm that specialized in international student recruitment. In my career I have counseled hundreds of international students on how to pursue their dreams of studying in the United States.

If you're interested in healthcare, MCPHS is where you should be. Our location in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, one of the world's top healthcare destinations, will prepare you for a rewarding career as a health professional. I look forward to working with you and to seeing if MCPHS is the right fit.

Contact me if you are from India.

Telephone: +1.617.732.2197

Paul Notar
Associate Director of International Admission

Hi, I'm Paul.

I’m Italian-American by heritage, but I’ve spent a lot of time in and around the Middle East and North Africa. I lived in Syria for a year before the war, and I’ve also lived in Morocco.

Before joining MCPHS University, I worked for a consulting company that advised private American high schools on their international student programs. I love working with international students to help them identify opportunities to further their education.

If you’re interested in healthcare, you should look closely at MCPHS. Please contact me if you’re from the Middle East, North Africa, or Turkey.

Telephone/Whatsapp: +1.518.669.1221


Kevin (Zhiyu) Liu
Program Officer

Hi, I'm Kevin.

I am from, and based in, Beijing, China and have been working in international education for more than 7 years. With an in-depth understanding of overseas study, you can trust and rely on me to always keep one thing in mind—what is best for you. Your success is everything to me.

There are so many universities in the United States, but you may be asking yourself, which university should I attend? Which major should I choose? What is healthcare about? What is my future career? If you are asking these questions please feel free to contact me. Getting involved in the healthcare field is one of the noble ways to make the world better by changing yourself.

Contact me if you are from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Taiwan.

Telephone: +86.10.5948.3587
Cell: +86.188.1017.8504

Ita HermouetIta Hermouet
Director of Admission, International Research and Strategy

Welcome! My name is Ita.

My name is French-American-Honduran—like me! I have had the chance to develop exchange and academic programs with universities in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. I have visited many university cities in these countries, and Boston beats them all. 

At MCPHS, we work closely with professionals in all healthcare fields, which keeps our programs, equipment, students, and staff fully in-sync with the latest trends in the industry. And, being steps away from the top hospitals and research centers in the world certainly helps! Give me a call if you want to talk about healthcare industry trends in your country.

Contact me if you are from Canada, Europe, Latin America. You can also contact me with any questions regarding agreements and invoices..

Telephone: +1.617.732.2109
Cell: +1.857.225.8259

Janice TsangJanice Tsang
Assistant Director of International Admission

Hi, my name is Janice.

I help international students navigate the American college admission process. Having grown up in Boston, I love the rich academic environment of the city. Boston’s cultural diversity enables international students to thrive outside of their comfort zone. Our close proximity to some of the world’s best hospitals and research institutions make MCPHS the perfect place to pursue a career in healthcare. 

Students leave MCPHS with an exceptional college experience and a wide network of contacts. I encourage you to contact me to learn about how you can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we have here at MCPHS!

Contact me with any questions about application documentation, or admission letters and delays (all countries).

Telephone: +1.617.735.1038

Kirby Hunter
International Admission Administrator / DSO

Hi, I'm Kirby.

I am a Boston native, graduating with a dual degree in Social Thought, Political Economics and Spanish, with a minor in International Relations. Besides my adoration of Spanish, I have a deep love and appreciation for learning other cultures and languages. I began working in international education for high school and am passionate about helping students thrive.

Contact me with any general I-20, visa, and arrival questions (all countries)

Telephone: +1.617.732.2188

Rene CabreraRene Cabrera
Senior Director of Admission

Hi, I'm Rene.

I have been immersed in international admissions at MCPHS for over six years. In this time, I have helped international students pursue an education that will lead to an exciting career in healthcare. It is a privilege to meet so many wonderful students from so many countries during my recruitment trips abroad. Please reach out to me with your questions! I look forward to connecting with you.

Contact me if you are from South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, or Vietnam .

Telephone: +1.617.879.5947
Cell: +1.607.592.3030


Judy Kang, International Admission CounselorHeaock (Judy) D. Kang
Korea Admission Representative

Hi, my name is Heaock (Judy) Kang Do.

I came to America as an international student and have mostly lived in Maryland. I have been working with students as a teacher and counselor for 35 years.

Since 2015, I have been helping international students from South Korea apply to MCPHS University. I also coordinate the MOU efforts between MCPHS University and Korean educational institutions to help create internship and research experiences.

Contact me if you are from South Korea.

USA Phone: 443.621.2625
Korea Phone: +82 10 4416 0309