Undergraduate Admission


Assistant Director of Admission

508.365.4608 (Cell)

Hello! My name is Jess Schnitzer.

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and eventually made my way to Connecticut for college, Maine to start my higher education career, and have now made the Greater Boston area my home. In my opinion, there is no better city in the United States than Boston, especially if you are interested in a healthcare related field to study. Everywhere you turn, you are surrounded by history, culture, and eclectic and fun things to do - you'll never be bored in this city!

As a first generation American, I deeply and profoundly understand the value of a higher education, which is why I am so proud to work at MCPHS. Here, you will receive an excellent quality education that will propel and prepare you toward your ultimate career aspirations. Together, you and I are a team. If you are interested in having a chat and learning more about all the incredible possibilities that await you at MCPHS, please do not hesitate to reach out.