Undergraduate Admission

Luke Wilson

Assistant Director of Admission

617.732.2827 (Office)
617.872.5951 (Cell)

I am originally from Ipswich, MA, but I also lived in New York City for many years, as well as in New Hampshire and throughout the Greater Boston area. I love to travel, not only to see new places but to meet new people and see how they view the world. This is why I love working in higher education, especially at MCPHS. We are lucky to have such a diverse student body, which comes to us from across the United States, and over 74 countries! It is so encouraging to see their passion for the health sciences and their level of engagement with all of our staff and faculty. Every student I speak with has unique motivations to become a healthcare professional, and no journey is the same.

I also love working in higher education, especially within an admission function, because of my own experiences as a first-generation student. Having very little guidance at home, I was lucky enough to meet some incredible people along my pathway into and throughout college and seek to help any student or family with questions along the process. It can be intimidating, but I assure you that there are no bad questions, so ask!

The best way to get to know me, and MCPHS, is to visit! Come see our campus, the Longwood Medical Area, and if you’ve never been, take some time to see Boston! We Bostonians are a pretty friendly crowd.