Welcome to the Nursing Program

Congratulations on your acceptance and decision to attend the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at MCPHS. We’re excited that you’ll be joining us in the fall. Before the program begins there are some next steps you’ll need to take to get ready. On this page you will find important information and forms that you will need to begin your studies. We will continue to post program specific information here so please bookmark this page and visit it often.

Next steps for incoming nursing students

White coats and nametags will be ordered for each student by the Nursing department. Students are required to complete the White Coat Order form by July 31st. White coat sizes should be based on blazers or jackets that you wear over other clothing.

Any questions can be directed to the Worcester Nursing department at 508.373.5685.

Students are required to purchase official MCPHS University scrubs from Trippi’s Uniforms for use during the nursing program. The scrubs will include the MCPHS University logo, your first name and last initial. These will be worn for all labs and clinical experiences, and will identify you as an MCPHS University student. We recommend that each student purchase two sets of scrubs (tops and bottoms) and one warm-up jacket.

To order you scrubs please contact Nick Trippi at 508-755-4721 or stop by the store to order directly. If ordering your scrubs in person please complete the Scrubs Ordering form and bring it with you to Trippi's Uniforms. 

Trippi's Uniforms
268 Boston Turnpike East
Shrewsbury MA 01545

Any questions can be directed to Nikki Grace at 508.373.5685 or nicole.grace@mcphs.edu.

Shoe Requirements

  • White or black
  • Non-canvas
  • Rubber-soled
  • Closed toe and heel
  • No logo should be visible

Students are not required to purchase special nursing shoes. Any questions can be directed to Professor Bonnie Laurent at bonnie.laurent@mcphs.edu.


A stethoscope with a diaphragm and bell is required. Stethoscopes may be purchased from Trippi’s or another vendor.


Penlights can be purchased from any vendor.

Wristwatch with second hand

You will need a wristwatch with a sweeping second hand (not digital) for use in lab and clinical experiences. This may be purchased from Trippi’s or from another vendor.

Manual Blood Pressure Cuff

An average adult/large size cuff is needed. Please make sure the cuff is latex-free, nylon or other material that can be cleaned, not cloth. This can be purchased from Trippi’s or from another vendor.