Rights and Responsibilities

As a student receiving financial aid at MCPHS, it is your obligation to know and comply with the rules governing the aid you receive. The list below outlines the rights to which you are entitled and the obligations that you are responsible for following as a student aid recipient.

You have the right to:

  • Know that your financial aid application and award is confidential in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Know and understand the authorized educational expenses involved in the cost of attendance
  • Be informed about the financial aid process, procedures, and deadlines for aid applicants
  • Understand how financial aid is determined, the types of aid available at MCPHS, and how each program is awarded
  • Understand your aid package, comply with the terms and conditions of your award, and identify what types of assistance is gift-aid and what types of assistance needs to be repaid.
  • Know when financial aid is disbursed and how to cancel loan disbursements
  • Know and understand the refund policies associated with dropping coursework and the return of federal aid as a result of withdrawing from coursework
  • Understand the requirements of satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving financial assistance.

You have the responsibility to:

  • Complete all aid applications and forms accurately and comply with all deadlines. Misrepresented information on aid applications and forms violates federal law and may be considered a criminal offense.
  • Read and understand all documents you are asked to sign and maintain copies for your records.
  • Return any additional documentation, corrections, and new information requested by the Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Notify MCPHS of any name and address change.
  • Know and comply with the rules governing your financial aid awards.
  • Notify the Office of Student Financial Services of outside resources received (including scholarships, grants, Veteran’s Benefits, tuition waivers, or other educational/tuition assistance)
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving financial assistance.
  • Use financial aid for educational expenses incurred while enrolled at MCPHS.
  • Reapply for financial aid each year you are enrolled if you would like to be considered for financial aid.
  • Complete entrance counseling and sign a master promissory note (MPN) if you are a first-time Federal Direct Stafford Loan borrower.
  • Complete entrance counseling and sign a promissory note annually if awarded a Federal Perkins or Health Professions Loan.
  • Complete exit counseling when you graduate, transfer, or withdraw from MCPHS if you borrowed a federal student loan.
  • Obtain a work-study job, complete all necessary hiring paperwork, maintain your work schedule with your supervisor, and satisfactorily perform and complete all work assignments if accepting your Federal Work Study award.