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Early Start Program

Who is this for?

You may find that the U.S. healthcare system, the education system, the expected outcomes of your classes, and the academic and social relationships in the U.S. might vary, a little or a lot, from what you are accustomed to back home. The Early Start Program is designed for MCPHS freshmen and first-year transfer students who are coming to study in the U.S. for the first time. It trains or coaches you to:

  • Develop academic language strategies for managing coursework
  • Complete a “road map” to manage time and organize academic expectations
  • Improve cross-cultural competence in order to build peer relationships and develop an awareness of the professional competencies of healthcare practitioners in the U.S.
  • Begin to build a social network for support and guidance

What is the program format?

This program begins mid-August, about ten days before regular Orientation. For one week, you will::

  • Participate in oral and written communication activities
  • Engage with academic advisors to build and improve time management and organizational skills
  • Under the guidance of professors, prepare for and attend a science session (e.g., chemistry, biology) with a lab.
  • Receive an introduction to U.S. healthcare practitioner expectations and responsibilities.
  • Receive an introduction to the practices of communicating with faculty and the importance of engaging with faculty.
  • Meet with fellow students, faculty, and staff in classes, networking events, social activities.
  • Experience local culture and engage with the community outside the MCPHS University campus through tours, off-campus activities, and more.

How do I apply?

You will receive registration instructions and cost information after you send in your enrollment deposit. Space for the Early Start Program is limited, so it is recommended that you register as soon as you receive the instructions.