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Early Start Program

How do I apply?

Updated information on how to apply will be published by June 2022.

Who is this for?

The Early Start Program is designed for incoming MCPHS first-year and transfer students who are coming to study in the U.S. for the first time.

As you prepare your travel plans, think about preparing the academic and non-academic skills you will need to succeed. The education system, expected outcomes of your classes, and relationships in the U.S. will vary—whether a little or a lot—from what you are accustomed to back home.

The team at the MCPHS Center for International Studies has developed the Early Start Program specifically for you, to help you prepare academically, linguistically, socially, and culturally for the challenges and expectations of your new journey at MCPHS.

What is the program design?

This new and unique pre-orientation program is designed to help you:

  • Develop academic language strategies for managing science and general studies coursework such as:
    • Effective preparation, notetaking, and review for lectures;
    • Engaging in discussion-based classes and online discussion forums;
    • Communicating orally and in written form for labs, professors, and class;
    • Managing a heavy reading load together with academic English and health sciences vocabulary.
  • Complete a “road map” to manage time and organize the academic expectations of your first semester at MCPHS including:
    • A review of your course schedule;
    • Introduction to instructional technology and applications used;
    • Discussion of general and specific course expectations;
    • Identification of relevant resources to support academic success;
    • Developing strategies for effective learning.
  • Improve your intercultural skills in order to build peer relationships and develop an awareness of professional competencies of healthcare practitioners in the U.S. through:
    • Familiarizing yourself with the U.S. academic culture;
    • Gaining an introduction to the U.S. healthcare system;
    • Networking with faculty and discussing professional competencies and academic expectations.
  • Begin to build a social support network of MCPHS faculty, staff, and fellow students who will guide you during your time at MCPHS and beyond by:
    • Learning how to build diverse study groups;
    • Developing skills in “small talk” needed for social and professional interactions;
    • Gaining skills in balancing out studies, personal life, family and health.

What is the program format?

The program is offered entirely online. You will:

  • Participate in oral and written communication activities.
  • Engage with academic coaches to build time management and organizational skills.
  • Prepare for, attend, and review a science lesson (e.g. chemistry, biology) under the guidance of professors.
  • Learn from MCPHS professors what it takes to succeed in academic courses.
  • Receive an introduction to U.S. healthcare practitioner expectations and responsibilities.
  • Receive an introduction to the practices of communicating with—and the importance of engaging with—faculty, staff, and school resources.
  • Practice skills and strategies that will help you adjust to studying and living in your new environment.
  • Meet with fellow students, faculty and staff in classes, networking events, and social activities.
  • Learn about local Boston culture and engage with the community outside the MCPHS University campus.