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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Online programs follow the MCPHS University Academic Calendar. Fall and spring courses typically follow a 15-week semester based schedule. Summer courses typically follow a 10-week semester based schedule. Courses are not self-paced. Please refer to the University’s Academic Calendar for important dates.

No. Transfer credit is not awarded after a student has been accepted. Classes being considered for transfer must be completed prior to admission. Please note: No more than eight semester hours of graduate credits may be considered for transfer from another degree program, at the sole discretion of the Graduate Council. Bridge program coursework is never transferrable from another institution.

No. Only students who have submitted their $500 will receive a schedule.

Once your account is created, you will be registered automatically for the first semester of your program by the Registrar's Office. In subsequent semesters it is your responsibility to register for coursework via Self-Service as outlined by your program. It is also the student's responsibility to review the program evaluation in Self-Service and schedule a time to speak with a program faculty member or the program chair to discuss the upcoming semester course offerings and recommendations for scheduling if there are any concerns. Failure to self-register via Self-Service will result in a student not being registered. Please note: Students in the Postbaccalaureate PharmD and MRI Certificate programs will be registered for courses every semester since these programs require that the curriculums are followed precisely as outlined.

Your login and password for WebAdvisor will be sent to you at the personal email address you provided with your application to MCPHS Online. This same username and password is your account information for Blackboard and MCPHS University email, so please do not lose or share this information. Please note: Only students who have submitted their tuition deposit will receive a WebAdvisor account.

You can drop a course during the Add/Drop period using WebAdvisor. First log in to WebAdvisor and click on the “Students” menu. From there, you will see a list of courses you are currently registered for. To drop a course, click on the “drop” box for the course you would like to drop and then “submit”. If you are trying to drop all of your courses, you will need to complete a program withdrawal form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. You may not drop yourself from all of the courses in which you are registered.

Courses are not posted to Blackboard until the first day of class. If you can view your course schedule in WebAdvisor, then you have been registered. Do not panic if you login early and do not see them in Blackboard.

Contact the Help Desk at 617.732.2170. A representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with resetting your account. You will need your student ID number for a password reset.

If you are locked out of your e-bill account, you will need to contact Student Financial Services at 603.314.1729. Do not contact Admission or the Help Desk. You will need your student ID number for a password reset.

Your ID number is located on your application emails, acceptance letter and admission documents. Please memorize that number as you will use it repeatedly over your enrollment!

Textbook information for courses will be provided on WebAdvisor once the booklists are available. You may purchase your books on your own or from eFollett and have your books sent to your home. If you already know which courses you are taking, you may go directly to the eFollett site and search for your required materials.

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