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International Student Experience at MCPHS-Boston

If you’re an international student here, chances are you’re pretty far from home. We’re proud to welcome students from over 50 countries around the globe with many different cultures, languages, religions, passions, and perspectives at play.

MCPHS offers so many reasons to make this journey worth it, from the world-class, immersive healthcare education to the vibrant and diverse student life on campus and beyond. Jump into all that MCPHS campus life and living in Boston has to offer—it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget, wherever the road takes you.

The MCPHS International Center is the doorway for international students to become active members of the MCPHS community, so they can make the most of their experience here. We connect international students to university resources, create programs to enhance student learning and development, and serve as advocates for international students across campus.

Academic Advising

The International Academic Advising Office provides personalized services specific to international students, including setting academic and career goals, explaining academic policies and procedures, and adjusting academic schedules to meet individual needs.

American Culture

Each year, MCPHS hosts Thanksgiving Dinner for students staying in Boston over the holiday. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience a traditional American holiday by getting a taste of New England Thanksgiving cuisine, including roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.

Bridge Program

Our Academic Bridge Program is designed for students who meet the academic requirements of their program, but need additional English language instruction. Through the Bridge Program, international students are conditionally accepted into their undergraduate or graduate degree program. That means that you can begin working part-time toward your degree, while strengthening your English language skills through “English for Healthcare” courses.

In our Bridge Program, you will experience:

  • Small class sizes for focused learning
  • Role playing in our simulation pharmacy lab and doctor/patient interaction exercises that help prepare you for real life situations in different healthcare settings
  • A focus on professionally relevant communication to assist with integration into the American healthcare industry
  • Extensive opportunities to practice and improve English language skills


During the Center for International Study’s CultureFest celebration, international students from over 50 countries come together to celebrate their heritage, culture, cuisine, and more with the MCPHS community. Activities include dance performances, henna demonstrations, Arabic lessons, samples of cuisine from across the globe, and more.

Student Services

Our many student services staff members are here to help international students transition – and ultimately succeed at MCPHS. Before international students arrive on campus, they receive guidance from our staff on important transition requirements, including the immigration and immunization process. When international students arrive at the airport, our staff and students meet them and transport them to campus, ensuring a stress free arrival.

International Faculty

Many of our distinguished faculty members have studied or worked in healthcare around the world. They are passionate about mentoring our international students to help them successfully enter the international healthcare industry – whether in their home country or abroad.

Internationally-Focused Student Life

With more than 70 student organizations on our Boston campus, there are plenty of ways to get involved – and many of our organizations are focused on culture, diversity, and religion.

Organization offerings include:

  • Asian Student Association
  • Black Student Union
  • Coptic Orthodox Student Fellowship
  • Catholic Student Association
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association
  • Italian American Student Organization
  • Indian Student Organization
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Korean Student Organization
  • La Unidad Latina
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Pakistani Student Association
  • Saudi Students Society
  • and many more

International Student Ambassadors

All incoming international students are matched with two International Student Ambassadors (ISAs). Our ISAs are domestic and international students who are experts on all things MCPHS, and they are passionate about helping our international students succeed. These mentors share their own experiences and help guide international students through the adjustment to a new academic and social life.

Our ISAs also host numerous cultural events, activates, and more throughout the academic year, which represent great opportunities to make new friends.

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