MCPHS Alumni Scholarship Terms and Conditions


In order to be eligible to receive an MCPHS Alumni Scholarship, alumni must have graduated from an MCPHS degree program.

Included Master’s Programs

A 50% tuition scholarship will be awarded to all eligible alumni who are admitted to one of the master’s programs listed below.

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Master of Health Sciences
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Science in Clinical Management
  • Master of Science in Clinical Research
  • Master of Science in Health Informatics
  • Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy

MCPHS Alumni Scholarship Admission Requirements

Eligible alumni must also meet the master’s program admission requirements, which can be accessed through the links below:

(For the MBA in Healthcare Management Program, while management experience in healthcare or a closely aligned field is preferred, MCPHS alumni who are eligible for an MCPHS Alumni Scholarship will not be penalized for lack of management experience in a healthcare or an aligned field.)

Alumni may apply during the regular admission cycle. A completed MCPHS application, including all required supporting documentation, must be submitted no later than the application deadline for the applicable admission cycle.

As with all MCPHS programs, the master’s programs that are included in the MCPHS Alumni Scholarship program have a limited number of spaces and admission is competitive. MCPHS strongly encourages alumni to submit a completed application early in the admission cycle because decisions are issued on a rolling basis throughout the admission cycle.

If an alum is accepted into MCPHS Alumni Scholarship master’s program, but there is no space available in the given term, upon the University’s receipt of the enrollment deposit, admission will be deferred to the next term that has space availability.

Upon admission to one of the included master’s programs, alumni who are eligible for an MCPHS Alumni Scholarship will automatically be granted the scholarship.

Academic Performance

To maintain eligibility for an MCPHS Alumni Scholarship, satisfactory academic progression in the master’s program is required. Alumni who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progression and/or who are dismissed from their programs and later readmitted will not be eligible to receive MCPHS Alumni Scholarship funds for future terms, but will not be billed for the cost of past terms.

Alumni must complete the master’s program within the timeframe as defined by the prospective academic department policy to be eligible for the 50% tuition scholarship. The graduation deadline will be extended only for alumni who take a University-approved leave of absence.

Alumni who fail to meet their graduation deadline will not be eligible to receive MCPHS Alumni Scholarship funds for terms beyond their graduation deadline, but will not be billed for the cost of past terms.

Additional Information

MCPHS Alumni Scholarships cover tuition for the master’s programs, but do not cover fees or the cost of books or equipment or any other non-tuition costs.

An MCPHS Alumni Scholarship may not be applied retroactively for courses that alumni have already taken that are also required for the master’s program, although credits already earned for such courses may be applied in accordance with a master’s program’s curriculum requirements. Alumni will not be reimbursed for the tuition cost of courses taken before beginning the master’s program.

Alumni must be, and remain, in good financial standing with the University to receive an MCPHS Alumni Scholarship.

Alumni may receive only one MCPHS Alumni Scholarship.

Contact Information

Alumni with questions about the MCPHS Alumni Scholarship may contact the Admission Office.

Boston: 617.879.5964 |
Worcester: 508.373.5607 |
Manchester: 603.314.1701 |
Online: 508.373.5657 |

As with all MCPHS programs, the terms and conditions of the MCPHS Alumni Scholarship program are subject to change by the University unilaterally in its sole discretion and without notice and are not intended and may not be construed as a contract or guaranty of any kind, express or implied, with respect to applicants or potential applicants. In the event of a change in such terms and conditions, alumni who have been admitted to an MCPHS Alumni Scholarship master’s program and who remain in good academic and financial standing would continue to receive their MCPHS Alumni Scholarships through completion of their respective degrees.