Welcome to MCPHS.

Congratulations on your acceptance!  We know that you have what it takes to succeed at MCPHS. And now that you have been admitted, it’s time to take the next step toward your exciting future in healthcare.

Submit your deposit to secure your spot in the incoming class by logging into your MCPHS Portal. 

Submit Your Deposit

You can also submit your enrollment deposit by visiting www.mcphs.edu/Deposit.

We will continue to post information necessary to your enrollment here, so please bookmark this page and visit it often! Also, please feel free to call the Admission Office at 617.879.5964 or email admissions@mcphs.edu, if there is anything further we can do to assist you.

Deposited student next steps. 

Submit your Housing Deposit

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, you are eligible to live in University-sponsored housing. The first step to reserve your space in University-sponsored housing, is to submit a housing deposit. To submit your housing deposit, log in to the MCPHS Portal at https://portal.mcphs.edu.

Submit Your Housing Form

Once you have submitted your housing deposit, you must submit your Housing Form. This required form establishes your residence hall contract, asks about your roommate preferences, and collects your emergency contact information. 

Deadline for spring semester housing form submission is December 15, 2017. Incoming spring term will be able to move into the residence halls on Thursday, January 4, 2018. You will receive specific instructions in your housing assignment letter in late December.

Please Note: Housing deposits are non-refundable. Cancellation fees may apply if you cancel your housing contract after December 15.

Requesting a Roommate

You can request a roommate on your Housing Form by entering their full name, MCPHS ID number, and date of birth. That person must also ask to be your roommate for the Office of Residence Life to honor the request. If you are requesting to live with multiple people, each person must list everyone mutually. Roommate requests may take priority over other requests including roommate profile questions, housing style preferences, and Living/Learning applications. Although you can request a roommate, space coming into the Spring semester is quite limited. Room assignments are decided by the Office of Residence Life. For additional information, please visit our Housing FAQs page.

Requesting Special Housing Accommodations

To request housing accommodations on the basis of a disability or medical condition (including allergies), please complete a Student Request for Services Form indicating your need for a housing accommodation. This form is sent directly to Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS will require medical documentation completed by a licensed healthcare professional that can provide specific information regarding the disability or medical condition and the functional limitations experienced as a result of the disability as it relates to housing.

Housing accommodation requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Disability Support Services and the Director of Residential Living and Learning. All housing application deadlines (including housing accommodation request, submission of documentation, deposit, and housing application,) must be met by December 15th in order for timely reviews of accommodation requests.

Questions about housing accommodations can be directed to Disability Support Services at 617.879.5995 or dss@mcphs.edu.

Off Campus Housing Resources

While we guarantee on-campus housing to our incoming first year students, upperclassmen at MCPHS live in Boston's historic and vibrant neighborhoods. The Office of Student Affairs offers a number of resources designed to make finding off-campus housing as easy and convenient as possible. Questions about living off campus? Contact us at residencelife@mcphs.edu.

Locker Registration

Commuter students have the option to rent a locker on campus for the academic year (September through May). Locker rentals are available on a first come, first served basis in the Fennell, White, and Griffin buildings. Please note: You are responsible for providing your own lock and responsible for all the items stored in the locker; however, the locker remains the property of MCPHS.

Locker prices for the 2017-2018 academic year:
1/3 sized locker: $15
1/2 sized locker: $30

Registration for a locker for the Spring 2018 semester is now open through Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 11:30 p.m. 

Discounted MBTA Pass

Whether you are taking the light rail known as the “T” or the commuter rail, many students take advantage of the public transportation options offered by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). As an MCPHS student, you can purchase your semester pass at a discounted rate.

The deadline to purchase a discounted MBTA pass for the Spring 2018 semester has passed. Find more information about the Charlie Card and MBTA fares at www.mbta.com.

Questions? Email Jennifer Stone in the Center for Campus Life at jennifer.stone@mcphs.edu.

Parking Resources

At MCPHS, we encourage the use of public transportation since parking is limited to metered parking around the campus and local parking garages. Find additional parking options in the Boston area here.

Before you arrive on campus, you must complete your required immunizations and determine whether you will enroll in the University’s health insurance plan. Below you will find information about completing your immunizations and information on how you can waive the University’s health insurance plan, if you already have one that meets our standards.


To ensure your own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of those around you, your required immunizations and titers must be completed prior to your first academic term. The easiest way to become compliant with MCPHS and state immunization requirements is to complete your immunizations through your primary care provider before you arrive at school.

To track your immunization records and compliance, the University works with CastleBranch, a confidential health information service. MCPHS will send you an email with instructions on how to set up an account with CastleBranch. Once you successfully create your profile, you will be prompted to upload the completed form.

Please be aware of the following:

  • You will pay a one-time fee of $25 to CastleBranch to create your CastleBranch account. Instructions about payment will be provided on the payment step of the online order process. You will have direct access to your account to monitor your own personal immunization compliance in conjunction with the company's tracking.
  • It is strongly recommended that you save a copy of your completed immunization form and your immunization records. Should any compliance questions arise, it is important to have your records immediately accessible to you.
  • Students who are not compliant with University immunization requirements may be subject to administrative withdrawal from MCPHS.
  • Authorized officials at MCPHS have access to student immunization records in order to monitor compliance.

Any questions about immunization records or requirements should be directed to CastleBranch at customerservice@castlebranch.com or  888.723.4263. All immunization information must be received by CastleBranch by April 15 for summer enrollment, July 15 for fall enrollment, and December 15 for spring enrollment.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Rubi Reyes at 617.735.1105 or immunization@mcphs.edu.

Please note: that students who are not in compliance with the MCPHS and state immunization requirements before the start of classes may not be allowed to move into MCPHS-sponsored housing. Additionally, failure to comply may result in a delay in your beginning classes and a hold being placed on your student account.

Health insurance

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and MCPHS policy, all students (regardless of enrollment) must be covered by a comprehensive health insurance program. The University makes available a general policy, provided by an independent insurance carrier, which meets these standards. Students will be automatically enrolled in this plan unless a waiver (which must be renewed annually) is completed and received by Student Financial Services. The health insurance waiver deadline for spring 2018 enrollment is January 31, 2018.

To fill out the waiver, visit www.universityhealthplans.com. If you need assistance, please call 1.800.437.6448.

All international students must enroll in the plan with the exception of:

  1. Those international students whose sponsoring institutions have a signed agreement with MCPHS that complies with the University’s health insurance waiver requirements.
  2. International students with a plan for which their health insurance company’s primary home office is based in the United States AND the policy provides comparable coverage to the University's student health insurance plan.

International students who do not fall under conditions 1 or 2 above MUST purchase the University’s student health insurance plan and therefore are not eligible for a waiver.

Freshman Students

MCPHS requires an official copy of your final high school transcript showing all final grades and date of graduation to complete your admission record. Please note that failure to successfully complete coursework or graduate may result in rescinding our offer of admission. Final transcripts must be received before the start of classes or a hold may be placed on your account.

Final transcripts for students starting in the spring 2018 semester should be submitted before January 5 and may be uploaded electronically by your guidance counselor to your Common Application record or mailed directly from the high school in a sealed, signed envelop.

If you have completed an AP or IB exam or taken college level courses and would like to received advanced credit please contact us at admissions@mcphs.edu. You must also submit official score reports and/or college transcripts. Please keep in mind that MCPHS cannot award credit until official scores or official transcripts have been received.

Transfer and Graduate Students

MCPHS requires an official transcript showing all final grades from all colleges/universities you have attended in order to complete your admission record. Please note that failure to successfully complete coursework with a C or higher may result in a change in your starting academic year or rescinding our offer of admission. Final transcripts must be received before the start of classes or a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from being registered for classes.

Final transcripts and official score reports should be mailed directly from your high school, college/university, or testing agency in a sealed, signed envelope to:

MCPHS University
Admission Office
179 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Under the address block of your acceptance letter, you will find your MCPHS ID number. Please remember this ID number and use it when corresponding with the University. When you arrive on campus for Orientation, you will receive your MCPHS ID badge, which must be worn at all times while on campus.

All students enrolled at MCPHS will be issued a student email address. This email address will be used throughout your time at MCPHS, and will also serve as your login credentials to the my.mcphs.edu internal student site. Please monitor this email account for important information, including your tuition billing statements.

How do I access my MCPHS email?

After depositing, you will receive an email from our Information Services department with instructions on how to access your MCPHS email address, including your username and password. This email will be sent to the personal email address we have on file. If you would like to change the personal email address you have on file, contact us at 617.879.5964. Please note: Until your first day of classes, continue to check both your personal email and your MCPHS email to make sure you are receiving all necessary communications.

Once your first semester tuition bill has been posted, you will receive an email to your MCPHS email account. To access your student payment account, or to submit your payment, visit the MCPHS payment gateway.

Payment is due by August 1 for Fall enrollment, December 1 for Spring enrollment, and May 1 for Summer enrollment.

Complete your I-20 Application

After you send in your enrollment deposit, the International Admission Team is responsible for issuing your initial Form I-20—the form that allows you to schedule your student visa interview or transfer from another school in the United States. A Form I-20 shows that:

  • You are or expect to be an official student.
  • You meet our admission requirements.
  • You will pursue a full course of study.
  • You proved to us that you have enough funds to study and live in the United States for the duration of your studies.

You will need a valid passport, as well as a list of other documents. We will communicate this list to you after you send in your enrollment deposit.

If you have any questions regarding your immigration paperwork please contact +1.617.732.2188 or international.admission@mcphs.edu

Complete your SEVIS registration

Arriving in the United States is a very important step, which you should prepare for.

You have 30 days to enter the country before your official program start date, which is registered in SEVIS by a member of the international admission team. You must report to the Center for International Studies by your program start date, or you will not maintain your status. We suggest that you contact the Center for International Studies immediately once you enter the country so that there is no question of your arrival.

All international students studying at MCPHS on an F-1 student visa must complete SEVIS registration during the first two weeks of each semester. You will need to bring photocopies of the following documents to the Center for International Studies to complete this requirement:

  • Your current course schedule
  • Your I-94 card
  • Your passport identification pages
  • Your visa (if applicable)
  • Proof of local address

If living on campus in an MCPHS residence hall, list the hall’s name and your room number on the SEVIS registration form. If living off campus, provide a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, or a copy of your lease.

Welcome to Disability Support Services
Main Office: 8:30am - 4:30pm | 617-879-5995
Boston 617-879-5995 | Manchester 603-314-1709 | Worcester 857-337-5015

MCPHS is committed to the full participation of all students in its academic programs and activities. Students with disabilities, who are otherwise qualified for admission, are encouraged to meet with Disability Support Services, to discuss support services and determine appropriate accommodations for those who qualify.

The Office of Disability Support Services welcomes eligible students to receive services and/or disability related accommodations.

For general information or specific questions complete the DSS Quick Response Form and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible.

For special housing accommodations, please review the Housing and Commuter Information section above.

To initiate services, you can proceed with completing the four step services request process described below.

  1. Complete the DSS Student Request for Services Form. Requests can be completed online, mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to our office.
  2. If you have any supporting Disability Documentation please send that as well. You may attach documentation to the online DSS Student Request for Services Form, mail, fax, or hand deliver to our office. Sample pieces of documentation include (but not limited to):
    • A description of the student’s needs.
    • Records of past accommodations and services from previous academic settings, including high school or another college or university.
    • Formal psychological evaluations, letters from past health, education, and service providers.

    When sending supporting documentation please include a cover letter explaining the type of accommodation you are seeking and be sure to include your full name and MCPHS ID. Documentation can be mailed to the Director of Disability Support Services, 179 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115. It can be faxed to: 617.732.2993 (confidential), or it can be scanned and emailed to: dss@mcphs.edu.

  3. Once we have received your Student Request for Services Form and appropriate clinical documentation, DSS will contact you to schedule a meeting.
    • During the meeting DSS will review your Student Request for Services Form and any documentation provided, discuss your needs and begin to develop a plan of action.
    • Upon being determined eligible, you'll be provided a services plan and receive training on approved services.
  4. Initiate services for the upcoming semester by: During your enrollment at MCPHS, make appointments with DSS as needed.

As you prepare to join us on campus, we invite you to complete our incoming student survey. This survey helps us get a better idea about each of you, so that we can better meet your needs and help you as you transition to life at MCPHS. Check your MCPHS email for a link to the survey.

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