Housing & Dining Accommodations

Office of Student Access and Accommodations

Any student requesting housing accommodations for the Boston and Worcester campuses, based on a documented disability is required to complete ALL Housing Selection Process steps (including completing the Housing Selection application and paying the housing deposit).

Students may begin the accommodation process with OSAA as early as possible, by:

  1. Completing the Student Request for Services (SRS) Form
  2. Submitting relevant clinical documentation documenting a disability

Once a new student has submitted documentation and completed the SRS form, an OSAA staff member will contact the student via telephone or email to schedule an intake appointment with a professional staff member. After the intake appointment and above steps are complete the OSAA will follow up with the student regarding next steps.

  • Any student who is determined eligible for housing accommodations must still follow the housing selection process
  • Eligibility for housing accommodations does not guarantee housing
  • Please contact Residence Life directly for questions related to Residence Life and/or the housing process
  • Requested housing accommodations are solely for the student with a documented disability
  • Housing accommodations are based on disability-related need
  • Requests for specific housing assignments which are based on student preference, rather than need, such as:
    • a specific type of living environment
    • specific building location
    • specific roommates/suitemates
    • a quiet place to study
      are not reasonable accommodations through OSAA
  • The OSAA does not assign specific housing locations
  • The OSAA validates the need for and determines eligibility for specific housing accommodation(s)
  • Residence Life determines the location where the accommodation will be met
  • The OSAA is more than happy to meet with Admissions and ORLL staff throughout the year to revisit this. If staff have questions, or unsure, please contact our office at OSAA@mcphs.edu or 617-879-5995.

Boston Residential Living & Learning: residencelife@mcphs.edu.

Worcester Residence Life: rachel.newman@mcphs.edu.

Dining Accommodations

Dining options available to students with food allergies or certain medical conditions range from eating from the general meal lines to working with Sodexo on meal alternatives. Students who have questions about eating in our dining hall with food allergies should contact Sodexo.

Students who would like to begin the process of requesting dining accommodations can submit documentation to OSAA. Documentation should be from a licensed healthcare provider or specialty physician and include the diagnosis and rationale of the need for a medically restricted diet.

Self-diagnosis, parental diagnosis, or diagnosis by a non-licensed provider of food allergies, food intolerance, or non-celiac gluten intolerance without medical verification may not be considered valid documentation. Please refer to our documentation guidelines.