Current OSAA Students

Office of Student Access and Accommodations

Students who have previously established services with the OSAA do not need to complete a Student Request for Services every semester. Students who have registered for services can visit the Accommodate website platform by following the steps below.

MCPHS Accommodate Online Platform

MCPHS Accommodate is our online platform for students to:

  • Schedule appointments with OSAA
  • Register for services
  • Submit a semester request so that accommodation letters are sent via Accommodate to faculty

Students can access the MCPHS Accommodate platform using their MCPHS credentials.

What does this mean for students?

  • All accommodation letters will be generated via the Accommodate platform.
  • Accommodation letters will be sent from the OSAA to faculty via email.
  • Letters will be generated on a semester basis allowing for more consistent communication between students, the OSAA and faculty.
    • This means students must log in and request their accommodations each semester.
    • The OSAA will send out a student’s accommodation letters to faculty once a semester request is made by the student online in Accommodate.

Accommodation letters are generally sent the second week of classes after add/drop. If you are determined eligible for services after the add/drop period, eligibility letters generally take up to 5 business days to be processed.

If a student has been determined to be eligible for alternate format textbooks, they can provide OSAA the necessary information to obtain these materials by completing the alternate textbook format form.

Please note that in order to communicate with 3rd parties (I.e., parents, guardians, providers, etc.) OSAA must have a signed Release of Information [PDF] on file.

Board/Licensure Exams (including prep exams)

Students taking licensure exams or licensure prep exams (i.e. NAPLEX, PCOA, NCLEX, etc.) should submit any appropriate forms to the OSAA within 60 days prior to deadlines. The OSAA will fill out and sign the forms within 3 weeks of receipt of request.

Forms will be returned to the student for submission to the appropriate party.

  • The OSAA is not responsible for submitting the form to the board or licensing entity
  • The OSAA will give the forms a cursory glance to ensure the student information is accurate, however, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to ensure that all parts of the form(s) are completed appropriately
  • The student is responsible for ensuring their application for accommodations includes all necessary information (including documentation)
  • Students can access documentation previously submitted to the OSAA via the MCPHS Accommodate platform
    • All documentation is held for 7 years, which begins from the time student has graduated
    • It is suggested that upon graduation students request a copy of the documentation that they have shared with OSAA
  • The licensing board/organization determine what accommodations, if any, will be granted to the student. The OSAA does not have control over accommodations granted for exams not affiliated with MCPHS

If you are requesting an application be completed for a board exam, please follow the above directions and attach any document that you would like for the OSAA department to complete. OSAA will complete and return the requested application within 3 weeks. If the application needs to be mailed to you, it may take an additional 7-10 business days to reach you.

If you have already established services with the OSAA and have additional questions or need assistance, please contact directly.