Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling Services
Any MCPHS student currently enrolled on the Boston, Worcester, or Manchester, NH campuses.
No. Our counseling services are free to all MCPHS students.

To book an appointment, please email or call your campus location below. You can always walk into MCPHS Counseling Services, but we may be unavailable if we are in sessions.



Phone: 617.732.2837 (for urgent care/after hours, press 9)

Visit: Fennel 3rd floor at 179 Longwood Ave, Boston MA

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Phone: 508.373.5718 (for urgent care/after hours, press 9)

Visit: 40 Foster Street, Worcester, MA, 4th floor

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Manchester, NH


Phone: 603.314.1781 (for urgent care/after hours, press 9)

Visit: Room 118D in the BASC building at 1260 Elm Street, Manchester NH

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Yes. We are available during the summer for students who are enrolled in classes. If you are not enrolled in summer classes, we can help you find a local therapist who accepts your insurance.
Counseling is useful for anyone troubled by specific problems or general concerns. Among other issues, students seek counseling for help with stress, anxiety, depression, family and relationship problems, cultural issues and self esteem. Counseling is an opportunity to talk about issues and to receive confidential, unbiased support and guidance from professional counselors. Sharing and exploring personal concerns with an objective listener often helps alleviate uncomfortable feelings. Counselors also help students generate concrete strategies for managing and coping with issues and problems, no matter how large or small.
Individual counseling takes many different forms depending on what a student needs and the nature of the issue(s) they are facing. If a student has an urgent, time limited concern (for example, a test about which they are really anxious) they may meet only once with a counselor to talk about specific strategies to cope with test anxiety. If a student has a more in-depth issue or ongoing problem (feeling depressed for several weeks, having difficulty in a relationship, or grieving the loss of a loved one), they may see a counselor for several sessions. Typically, scheduled counseling sessions last for 50 minutes. However, students are always welcome to drop by Counseling Services for brief meetings or to just check in.

The information shared in a counseling session is confidential and will not be disclosed to any persons or organization outside Counseling Services without your written consent. There are rare exceptions to this. For details, please see our confidentiality policy.

You can call MCPHS Counseling Services to set up a free consultation to discuss what is happening with your friend.
No, we do not provide academic counseling. While students can discuss academic concerns with our counselors, the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment offers more targeted assistance via individual and group academic counseling, peer tutoring, and workshops/seminars on learning skills.