Confidentiality Policy

Counseling Services

All interactions with MCPHS Counseling Services are confidential and may not be released to anyone outside unless clients give written authorization to disclose information. Exceptions to this policy are below. The staff at MCPHS Counseling Services work as a team and may consult with each other to provide clients with the best possible care. These consultations are for professional purposes only.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

Our staff is required to disclose certain information to protect clients and/or others in the following situations:

  • If a client is in danger or risk of imminent harm to themselves or harm to specifically identified others.
  • If a counselor reasonably believes that a child, disabled person, or older person is suffering injury as a result of neglect or abuse.
  • If a judge orders MCPHS Counseling Services to provide information in the process of a court proceeding.

Client Rights

Clients have the right to see counseling records pertinent to their care. Clients have the right to obtain appropriate counseling for the issues of their choice. If Counseling Services cannot help, they will make every effort to refer clients to appropriate resources and support. Clients will be informed about the various services available and participate in deciding which of these is most helpful. Clients have the right to question the focus of their sessions and can end counseling at any time. Clients also have the right to request a different counselor.

Client Responsibilities

Clients are asked to keep scheduled appointments. If it is impossible to keep an appointment, clients are asked to let Counseling Services' staff know as soon as possible. If clients miss two consecutive appointments without notice, their counselor may discuss the appropriateness of continuing counseling. If clients plan on discontinuing counseling, they are asked to tell their counselor in a session.