Housing FAQs

Please see our housing rates page. Rates include utilities, including heat, hot water, air conditioning, electricity, and wireless high-speed internet. There is just one bill per semester.

Yes, you can request a specific roommate on your housing preference form. Both students need to request each other specifically and the staff will try to place the students together depending on the housing options that are available at the time.

At this time, we do not have family housing. Pets are also not allowed on campus, with the exception of a small fish tank.
Each building except 50 Salisbury Street has a resident assistant living on site.  At the Salisbury Street Apartments, resident assistants reside at 60 and 72 Salisbury Streets and serve the residents of 50 Salisbury Street.
Some of our housing options have limited parking available on-site. Parking may be provided at another location within walking distance if a space is not available. Parking is not included in housing costs, and students will need to sign up for university parking separately.
Our Campus Wellness Center is a fully equipped gym and workout facility.